WoW Private Server Review Video

My experience with WoW private servers has been pretty much limited to the Emerald Dream server, about which I have posted a few times.

So I am always surprised when I run into things that indicate that not only are there more such servers out there, but there are enough that somebody would have found and played enough that, when listing out their favorites, it can be made into a top ten list.

Basically, this person has a YouTube channel that looks to be dedicated to looking into a reviewing WoW private servers.

I suppose a game as popular as WoW lends itself to this sort of proliferation.

5 thoughts on “WoW Private Server Review Video

  1. jim

    Excuse me for allowing myself to be nostalgic but i would try a private server just for the immersive feeling of having to walk all the way and buy myself Expert First Aid book or the Expert Cookbook. This alone should suffice.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @wokyr – That is sort of why I posted it. The whole thing is far more wide spread than I had guessed, and clearly is visible enough that Blizzard must be fully aware of its existence. So the fact that they appear to be letting all of this slide means… what?


  3. David

    Hi, I think this is the same website I may have asked earlier, but I wanted to ask that you review the ots private server, info to join is , and give the GM any tips or ideas to help him wouldbe appreciated also, i’m sure. THANK YOU!


  4. ja

    You should definitely check out ! Insanely populated and exceptional great server to play on! Been playing here for.. 2 years? Had a hard time finding this server, though, but its definitely my favourite, NO DOUBTS!


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