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2 Million in the Bag – Camelot Unchained Makes Its Goal

Mark Jacobs is a happy man right now, as the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter campaign managed to climb the mountain, covering nearly $400K of funding in the last two days despite a multi-hour Amazon payments outage and some issues with over-zealous supporters.

The count at ~20:09 UTC

The count at ~20:09 UTC

I hope you didn’t pledge a lot of money hoping nobody would call your bluff.  The time to pony up is nigh!

Anyway, with 19 hours left to go, we shall see how much more money they can collect.

And then, of course, they have to actually make all that stuff they have been telling us about for the last 29 days.

Cry “Funded!” and let slip the dogs of unrealistic expectations!

Addendum: Oh, yeah, stretch goals.  I bet they have had this graphic ready for a while.

What do we get for going over?

What do we get for going over?

I am not sure what they really mean to me… what else is new…  but there they are.

Half Price Garage Slots Just Enable My Problem

I was pretty much set.  I was working up a few different branches on various national trees.  I was rotating through the ARL-44, the Jagpanther, and the KV-4, slowly accumulating the experience necessary to advance to the next tier on each.

All three of those tanks are now fully upgraded.  It is just a matter of playing my way forward until I hit the next tier.  I just have to focus.


What is that?

Garage slots are half price?

I had better buy a few of those, just to have them.  I will need them eventually, right?

Then, of course, after my requisite daily first wins, I start poking through the tech trees, just to look.  And eventually I am driving around in this.

M37 on the field

M37 on the field

The M37 self-propelled gun.

How did I get there?  More after the break.

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