Party in Amarr – EVE Celebrates 10 Years

This was the big 10 year anniversary celebration weekend for EVE Online.

10 Year Ad Banner

10 Year Ad Banner

CCP was handing out goodies… cosmetic gear, special ships, and fireworks with launchers to mount on your ship.



To see the fun, you really needed to log into one of the key trade hub systems, which are Jita, Amarr, Hek, or Dodixie.

Jita, of course, is the most popular.  However, I think it lost out compare to Amarr.  My main happened to be in Amarr, while I had an alt in Jita, so I was able to check out the fun at both stations.  And while each had fireworks, and both had almost the same population in local, Amarr had Chribba and his Revelation.

Capital Ship at the Amarr undock

Capital Ship at the Amarr undock

Of course, not being a reinforced trade hub like Jita, Amarr also had time dilation.


20% was the best I saw it while I was on.  It fluctuated between 12% and 17% for quite a while, then dropped to 10% as more people piled into the system.  The price we pay I suppose.  There was no time dilation in Jita.  But, as I said, there was also no Chribba.  So I think Amarr got the better show.

Chribba rolled out his Revelation for a while.  Then switch to a Widow black ops.  He appeared to open a jump bridge a few times, as we got a distortion field around the undock, similar to what you see when a titan opens a bridge, only this was darker in color.  And then he got out the Revelation again.  Most people seemed to be targeting his ships with their firework launchers.

I think CCP was in on the act as well.  I saw CCP Falcon in local, and for a while Amarr station was within a green sphere of light.  And I guess CCP Fozzie was around as well.

Pretty neat stuff.  Not something you see every day in Amarr.  I have a pile of screen shots after the cut.

5 thoughts on “Party in Amarr – EVE Celebrates 10 Years

  1. Gripper

    Also you get the Gnosis ship – which is very cool – still figuring out what to do with it…


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gripper – Yeah, that unlocked later in the day. There was a long thread on the alliance channel about how to fit it. I am waiting to see how many show up on kill mails this week.


  3. Gripper

    We ran a roam last night to VFK and killed a Goon Gnosis – not sure why he didnt run when we hit system, as soon as our scout and links went in, he should have been running for the station.


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