Fireworks in Amarr

A supplement to my post yesterday about the EVE Online 10 year birthday celebration in Amarr.  If screen shots of the fireworks were not enough, here is some video of them hitting Chribba’s Revelation dreadnaught and Widow black ops battleship.

(Direct link to video)

The video is probably best viewed over at YouTube in a larger window.  It is available at all resolutions up to 1080p, at which point the explosions are surprisingly detailed.

The video is running at 2x speed.  Time dilation was slowing things down to between 10 and 20% normal, but speeding up the video beyond 2x did not “feel” right, as things got very choppy.

The music is “Akat Mountains” from the EVE Online sound track (all of which you can find over at Sound Cloud), which I included because I had the sound off in EVE, so it would otherwise be a silent movie.

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