Quote of the Day – No Love for EA

First, the bad news: EA bags Star Wars games rights

Still waiting for the good news

-Headline over at The Register

The word has gone out that EA has acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise when it comes to video games, something garnering about as many cheers as a wicked step-mother in a Disney story.  It is hard to be happy about the prospect of the potential for uninspired games with always online DRM which require servers that EA has a propensity for shutting down as soon as they think they can get away with it.

Of course, Disney should get its share of jeers as well, as not only did they farm out Star Wars video games to the likes of EA, but they did so on the back of laying off most everybody at Lucas Arts.

Wasn’t this easier when it was just George Lucas pissing us all off, but we would occasionally see a decent Star Wars game rise amongst the trash?

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – No Love for EA

  1. Aufero

    I’d go for the cheap Star Wars quote, but I think Rock, Paper, Shotgun has those all covered in their comment thread.

    I look forward to making fun of all the Boba-Fett-themed first person shooters.


  2. Knug

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Can’t say I’m disappointed, tbh. While there have been some standout Star Wars games, there’s a lot of drek in that history.

    I won’t touch EA games any longer (haven’t since ‘generals’).

    Star Wars as gaming/movie IP lost any value to me once GL decided to rework the trilogy.


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