DUST 514 Has Launched

Or so says the press release.


My ambivalence towards the game continues however.

I like the connection with EVE Online, the idea of continuing the struggle on the surface of planets, the possibilities of the combined in-game markets, and, most of all, the idea of bombing DUST players from orbit while in my spaceship just for the sheer hell of it.

That last bit represents the height of my interest.

But shooters… and console shooters… just really are not my thing.

So, while I have a PlayStation 3, I still have not bothered downloading it.

It has been in open beta for months, and was available to EVE players even before that.

I am not on the Derek Smart “just going to fail” train, but I wouldn’t bet heavily on success either.  Player numbers are starting to become available.  But I couldn’t tell you if they are good or bad yet.  How much is enough with a free to play game?

Meanwhile, I just haven’t seen or heard anything that makes me want to play yet.

DUST got a boost with the Uprising update.  That all sounds good.  But there isn’t the anything I just have to have, anything that is a big draw.

Maybe, like EVE, it would benefit from more public drama.

Or, maybe, like EVE, it will start slow and build over time.

Where will it be in a year?

5 thoughts on “DUST 514 Has Launched

  1. Noizy

    I kind of get the feeling that it would be really good if DUST starts slow and builds like EVE did. The interesting thing about DUST is we actually have real data about users, and Chribba added a couple of things since I wrote my post Monday. We don’t have that about all of those other F2P games.


  2. Gnome

    Can’t help but think of Planetside whenever Dust is mentioned. Yet Planetside, even having really good team based play and shooting mechanics, funckasses, ect. still boiks down to being just a really large Battleground where nothing really changes in the long run. So for Dust 514, a game that i cant even play due being horrible at FPS games on consoles, I am truly interested in how they weave players actions into the EVE universe. If its done thoughtfully and gives players a sense of actually changing the world much can be forgiven when it comes to the actual shooter mechanics.


  3. Aufero

    @Carolus – I suspect that was partially because they were offered a quiet Sony subsidy and partially because it limited the market enough to make for an easier rollout. CCP does tend to think longer term than most MMO companies.

    That said, I really don’t understand why ANY developer would want to launch a product as a PS3 exclusive. It’s a huge pain in the ass to develop anything for it, and the work you put in doesn’t translate well to porting the final product over to any other platform. (Including, if rumor is correct, the upcoming PS4.)


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