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It is Never Too Late to Head to Mordor

I stood again in Middle-earth.

In was in Archet, one of the small towns around Bree, and the forces of Sauron prepared to strike.

I was in Lord of the Rings Online.

My new character was set to start out on the long… six years long at this point which, if we were following the timeline of the books, would put us past the Grey Havens and into the Fourth Age… road to Mordor to throw down the dark lord.

Or, more likely, to get about as far as Rivendell then give up in a fit of ennui and go off to play some other game.

Even the NPCs tire of the charade

Not everybody is a fan…

About two years back I wrote a post titled “LOTRO – Our Story So Far” that covered the various “ages” of the game for myself and our group.  I probably need to update it.  At that point we had been through three “ages,” which were launch, return, and return again, each time on a different server, rolling up fresh characters.  The fourth time was going to be different, as we were going to pick up again on the same server.  And I did make it into Moria that time around.

But eventually that petered out for the group, once again at the far end of the Lone Lands.  I have been through the Lone Lands enough times that when NPCs greet me by name, I am pretty sure it goes beyond simple coding.

There was a fifth run at the game at some point last year, when I joined the Nazgun on yet another server, with the usual result.  I have characters at least into their 30s on Windfola, Nimrodel, Firefoot, and Silverlode.

And now I am at what I would guess is the sixth “age,” joining our EVE corp in Middle-earth.  Of course, while the odds of picking a server where I already have a character grows ever higher as the years go by, they still missed.  And so I ended up rolling fresh on the Brandywine server.

Much is still the same with LOTRO, including my need to take the same screen shots every time.

Since it is time again for another plunge into Tolkienland Online, I thought I would mention a bit of what has changed in virtual Middle-earth.

More after the cut due to an excess of pictures and uninformed opinions.

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