Azeroth Needs to Stay Strong Until at Least 2016

According to Venture Beat, the Blizzard project code named Titan, the potential next big thing from the company, has been sent back to the drawing board and is now unlikely to see the light of day before 2016.


Developers have been diverted to other projects while the core team starts over.

So, World of Warcraft will be paying most of the bills at least until then, which puts a little bit of pressure on the franchise after it dropped another 1.3 million subscribers last quarter.  Still insanely profitable, but that line is headed in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile, no Diablo III expansion has been announced yet.  StarCraft II just got an expansion, so the next one is probably two years off.  And Blizzard All-Stars, a free-to-play MOBA is reported to be coming along, but I cannot imagine that will be live before the end of the year.

7 thoughts on “Azeroth Needs to Stay Strong Until at Least 2016

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I suppose that depends on which projects those devs not core to the Titan project were moved on to. But theoretically, it means more attention for WoW. Probably more than theoretically, given Bobby Kotick’s statements at the last earnings call.


  2. Matt

    IMO Titan was never anything more than a concept with maybe some storyboards, so it had little chance of being released soon anyway.


  3. João Carlos

    Why they sent Titan back to drawing board? Maybe the modle of MMO they had in mind ( A WoW clone?) is not working?


  4. Machination

    Thanks for making that emphasis Wilhelm. With all the hullabaloo about Titan, WoW has taken the sidelines in the rumor mill. However, it had better step up as the primary cash cow if Blizzard wishes to enjoy its current comforts.

    This next expansion will actually be critical this time. Not just to WoW, but to Blizzard. It will determine either a comfortable waiting period until a Titan launch, or a make-it-or-break-it period until a Titan launch.


  5. Adam England

    Blizzard also is setting up for their release of Hearthstone, a free to play trading card game based on WoW, this fall or so I think. Not sure how much profit it would generate though.


  6. meonthissite

    I wonder if they’ll make it honestly without releasing new content, no new expansions (because quite frankly they’ve run out of lore) and the driving force of the economy being against the working class, the basis for their pay to play model could change dramatically and soon.


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