Sweet Six Hundred

Reblogging this to illustrate a WordPress.com feature that I am going to complain about in the next post. Picking on Tesh for his 600th post. Also, dice!

Tish Tosh Tesh

This is my 600th post.  Seems like it ought to be an occasion of some sort.  So let’s see… Dice, Rats and Dragons, Oh, My!


I’m doing a Kickstarter campaign for my “Rusty Fudge” Tinker Dice and their siblings (I have the numbered designs, fudge designs and a lead on metal and plastic printers).  Yes, it’s not the BIG campaign for the playing card deck, but that’s still in the pipe, I’m just ramping up to it.  In the meantime, there are a handful of reasons I’m doing the dice first.  At least, once I get the last few bits of paperwork sorted out.

One, it’s smaller in scope ($3,000 primary goal), so I’m hoping it is fulfilled and then I can make sure I know how to make the whole process work, start to finish.  It seems relatively straightforward… but that’s why I want to take…

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Six Hundred

  1. TeshTesh

    *chuckle* Thanks!

    Y’know, it strikes me… did I really write 800 *more* words than that on what was effectively a status update and plug for friends’ projects? It felt like a short post to me… and for me, it really is. Maybe it’s compensating for my Twitter use.


  2. mbp

    Hi Tesh, congrats on your sexcentennial (?). I’ll risk a slightly rude question. I can’t help noticing that your twitter feed is dominated by political tweets while your blog is almost entirely apolitical. How come? (Fell free to ignore this question if you feel it is none of our business).


  3. mbp

    Oops posted my question took the wrong blog. That’s embarrassing. Blame middle aged eyesight and feed reader compression.


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