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EVE Online – The Odyssey Begins

CCP reports that the Odyssey expansion has been successfully deployed.

I suppose one of the joys of EVE for people whole live on the West coast of the United States is that all this downtime generally happens while we are asleep.

Odyssey - Coming June 2013

Odyssey – June 4, 2013

And as much as I would love to see even more Red Wedding metaphors (if you have to ask, it is a spoiler… but have you seen this Twitter feed of Red Wedding tears?), I hope we are all good to go today,  and doubly so after the Sunday shut down, the recent issues with the new launcher, and the prospect of Joffrey’s wedding next week.

And what to say about Odyssey?  I hardly know where to begin.  The patch notes alone are epic in length, coming out nearly as long as some CSM7 minutes, providing you exclude the parts they spend just talking about themselves.

The Odyssey feature page lists these items:

  • Scanning and Probing changes
  • Exploration site changes
  • Exploration career missions
  • Radial navigation tool
  • Navy issue battlecruisers
  • Null sec outpost services
  • Tags for security status
  • Starbase updates
  • Storyline progression
  • Dual character training
  • Updates to visuals and sounds

At this point I am not sure how much of that list will impact me or change how I play the game.

And then there is the ship tiers and roles revamp, which isn’t on that list, but which is covered heavily in the patch notes and associated dev blogs, and which touches in some way nearly every ship I fly regularly.

CCP's chart, no is jpeg format

CCP’s chart, now in JPEG format

More things to ponder there, though I know of one immediate impact.  I went to bed last night with just about 99 million skill points.  When I woke up this morning, I should have had a little over 105 million skill points to cover the skill changes (destroyer and battlecruiser skills were broken out into their own racial versions) to ensure that I could still fly the same ships today that I could yesterday.  Maybe.

(Plus another 50K skillpoints for the downtime.)

All of which sounds neat… more is better, right… but which really just pushes me that much closer to a more expensive clone at this point.  Though the patch notes have a little relief for me on that regard:

All clone costs have been decreased by 30%.

That at least drops my current clone replacement price with each death from 30 million to 21 million ISK.

So that is where EVE Online (or should it, to steal somebody’s joke, be ADAM Online?) stands today, with the 19th expansion out the door.

Is there anything on the list for you?

And can somebody tell me what this portends?

More cats in EVE videos?  Will the next trailer be done from her bedroom? (That seemed to be her usual set back when she was doing EVE videos.)

How would that have changed the Odyssey trailer?