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TEST Finds Their Motivation, Saves J5A

DoraTheExplora Taft > Log the fuck in and get your friends in!  Ill be raffling plexes away at random to people if we get over 900 in our fleets.  Ill start off with 5 plexes and add an extra plex to each additional 50 pilots we get.

-A TEST motivational technique in action

The war over Fountain has been through its first big weekend.  The CFC picked up five systems in the region over the weekend.

Fountain - June 10, 2013

Fountain – June 10, 2013

But the biggest point of conflict was the system J5A-IX.  If TEST controls that system, they can stage there and make CFC operations difficult while being able to strike at the CFC staging system at the other end of the jump gate.  If the CFC takes the system, then they can stage for operations in Fountain more easily and it takes some pressure off of B-DBYQ.

TEST couldn’t get the numbers for the first round on Friday night/Saturday morning.  The CFC had more than a thousand pilots roaming around J5A while TEST couldn’t get the numbers to fight back.

Sunday night/Monday morning was the final timer for J5A.  It was the make or break point for the system.  Sunday the CFC had been busy running around Fountain shooting structures.  I was on an op with Caracal Fleet to turn the station in XUW-3X.  It is kind of silly to send cruisers out to turn a station, and we ran out of ammo at one point despite being told to fill out holds.  The capital ships, which would have made short work of the station, were busy elsewhere with other targets.

I ended up having to leave before the op was done, so stayed in one of the NPC stations.  That left me stuck in Fountain.  Not wanting to risk flying solo back to B-DBYQ, I jump cloned back for the next big op, the final J5A fight.

The CFC rallied over a thousand pilots divided up amongst Tech Fleet, FU Fleet, Tengu Fleet, Caracal Fleet, and the usual suspects in the capital ship fleet.  Time dilation was out in full force.  B-DBYQ was running at 10% as we undocked, staged, and then finally moved into J5A.

In J5A we held in our staging POS.  The number of players in system peaked shy of 1,200 as we waited for TEST to arrive.  Multiple fleets were hanging around in there at various times.  I am sure I was probably in proximity of Poetic Stanziel, who has his own report up about the battle.

Time ticked by.  Tension mounted as we were told to be quiet on coms.  All the fleet commanders were getting news on the intel channel as to what was going on, and us talking in their ear at the same time was a distraction.

Then a cyno went up in system.  And then another.  The count in local began to rise, slowly at first, then by great chunks.  It topped 2,200 when orders began to come through.  We were to align to the B-DBYQ gate.  We were fleet warped to the gate and told to jump through or we would die.

Then began the longest gate transition I have ever experienced.  I think we were all stuck in the transition for a good 10 minutes, watching that gray Doctor Who tunnel slowly churn by at 10% tidi speed.  Many of us had session change duration errors come up, which actually let you invoke a debug stats window that at least showed you that things were still happening.

As that was going on, we were let in on some of the strategic situation.

TEST, in addition to bribing their own members to log on, had been getting other alliances on board with the “You hate Goons? Come kill Goons!” message.  So in addition to TEST and Tribal Band, they also had Black Legion, Retirement Club, Northern Coalition, Nulli Secunda, Pandemic Legion, and more riding with them, swelling their numbers past 1,700 according to intel I heard.

We were going to fall back and let them come get us.  It was assumed that they would not commit their capital fleet to a battle in B-DBYQ, thus evening up the odds some.  Once we were through, we sat on the gate, bubbles up, watching.

The first few ships that came through and broke cloak were picked off easily.  Then the numbers began to mount and the bloodbath began.

I got popped not too far into the fight, they must have been sorting Z to A or by distance, which was probably a good thing, as the operation had been going on for two and a half hours at this point and I had to call it a night.  Work was still going to be there in the morning.  I did get on a few kill mails, but the battle had a long ways to go.  As I tried to make my way to the edge of the bubbles in my pod, I was hit by a smart bomb and then it was just my corpse floating in space.  Back to the station and done for the night.  Judging from kill boards, the slaughter went on for at least another hour… which at 10% tidi is six minutes of actual combat at normal speeds.

In strategic terms, this was a win for TEST.  They let the CFC grab systems in Fountain already, but they managed to rally a huge force to defend J5A.  However, J5A is back in reinforce again.

The tactical results of the battle are less clear.  I haven’t seen a kill board result yet that I fully trust (this one maybe?), but it looks like the CFC, sitting on its own turf and able to reship and return to battle, was able to extract a greater cost on TEST and its allies than it had to pay.  I’ll link battle reports here as I see them.

The real question is what this battle portends.  Will TEST be able to motivate the troops and rally allies every time they face a decisive situation?  Black Legion and Retirement Club might be willing, but there was a rumor going around that Pandemic Legion had a break with TEST during the fight.  No idea on the real story there.

I suppose the next big fight will tell the tale.  The battle of attrition has begun.

Now I just want to know who in TEST won PLEX for showing up.

As usual, I have some pictures from operations on Sunday.  Wide angle shots are from Gaff.