Daily Archives: June 11, 2013

PlayStation 4 Wins

Today at E3 it was dueling presentations between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Microsoft went first.  I think this sums it up.

It is hard to come to a conclusion besides “Total Victory for Sony” at E3.

The PlayStation 4 will:

  • have a base price of $399, $100 less than the Xbone
  • support used/traded/rented games
  • not require an internet connection to play
  • not have that creepy always on Kinnect watching your every move

I am not in the market for a next generation console, but if I were I know which way I would be leaning.

Still, it is only June and the PlayStation 4 isn’t due out until the holiday season.  There is still time for Sony to follow its tradition of screwing something up with each console launch.

Meanwhile, I thought I heard somebody mention something called a “we-you” or some such.  It was hard to tell with Shigeru Miyamoto sobbing in the corner.