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TEST Knocks 7-8S5X Into Unclaimed Status

TEST and its numerous allies, after losing the hotly contested J5A system, have started pushing back hard on the CFC foothold on the eastern edge Fountain.

This morning there were a number of fleets in motion laying what appeared to be traps and counter traps.  The CFC had a Caracal fleet out shooting structures.  TEST sent fleets out to chase off or kill the caracals.  I was sitting on a titan with Mister Vee’s Hamgu fleet waiting to jump in once TEST was committed.  And then TEST had carriers set to bridge in once we were engaged.  And then we brought in some capital ships.  All of which lead to another large battle in 10% time dilation.

While local was just shy of 900 when I got popped, people were still bridging in, so I bet we ended up past a thousand players again.

But the strategic upshot for the moment is that TEST killed the territorial control unit in the system, rolling back the CFC sovereignty claim on the system.

Fountain - June 15, 2013

Fountain – June 15, 2013

The tactical result was pretty close as far as I can assess, with both sides showing up in about equal numbers.  They killed a lot of Tengus and Tempest Fleet Issues, we killed a lot of Rokhs, Apocalypses, and Apocalypse Navy Issues.

Since I spent a good portion of my time in the fight jammed, I had plenty of time to take screen shots.  The most unique ship I saw during the battle was an Osprey.  Actually, there were three in our fleet.  I am not sure I have actually seen an Osprey since I started mining back in 2007.  Anyway, pictures.

(Another report on the battle.)