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Meeting Up in Rift After the Big Change

After having skipped a couple of weeks, we decided that we ought to have some sort of instance group night last Saturday.  And seeing that Rift had just done the big free to play change over, we thought we ought to patch up and see what things looked like in Telara.

1.7GB of patch later, I logged in only to find out that my character Hillmar had been deposed as guild leader because he had not logged in for 36 days.  Jollyreaper was promoted to guild leader on the basis of the “who touched it last” algorithm.  I had actually logged into the game more recently than that, but not with Hillmar.  And, something for the list of unhelpful features, when I did log in with Hillmar, I found not only the “you’re out!” message waiting for me in my mail box, but also several warnings that I would be deposed if I did not log in within the 36 day timer.  Messages that I could not have seen unless I logged in, at which point they would be moot.

Somebody did not think that through.

Sadly, Jolly was away for the weekend, so we could not celebrate his ascension.  Earl was also away, which left just myself, Zahihawas and Gizalia to see what Rift had to offer in its new free to play incarnation.

The first thing was a new mount, also waiting in our mail boxes.  Veterans of the game got a shiny, ice blue tauntaun mount.

And I thought it looked bad on the inside...

And I thought they looked bad on the inside…

After looking at that for a bit, the three of us formed up in the same location and started talking about what we should do.

The group assembled

The group assembled

We decided on Instant Adventures more out of a lack of motivation than anything else.  And that lack began to tell as running IAs quickly became tedious.  The problem is that IAs are pretty much about getting experience and some sourcestones now and again.  But as a group, we are still waiting to get together to knock off the first Storm Legion instance.  We don’t really need any new levels and sourcestones rain on us no matter what we do, so chasing a series of “kill n rats” quests with a few strangers wasn’t really doing much for us.

So we ended up talking more than playing.  We talked about Need for Speed World for a bit, a game which Potshot and I both seem to want to like more than the game is willing to let us.

There was also a long discussion about how hard it is to stay up as late as we used to.  Back when the group started, we used to kick off at 10pm Pacific time and often did not finish up until as late as 3am at times, depending on what we were doing.  Wailing Caverns took a long time back then, and I am pretty sure the sun was not far from rising when we knocked off Archaedas for the first time.

Now we start at 9pm and people are yawning by 10:30pm.  And I am not sure how Earl does it, aside from being the youngest member of the team.  He is on the east coast, so starts at midnight.  We may need a new plan at some point going forward.

And then there was the examination of the Rift cash shop.

I am going to put a cut in before that… just because.

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