EI-O0O Back in TEST Hands

After yesterday’s non-fight for the final timer in EI-O0O, it looks like TEST got their act (and their allies) together and managed to lay claim to the system yet again about 16 hours after losing it.


Which means that a special little corner of north Fountain is still being contested.

SouthFountainJune282013The system is still clearly in play and it looks like the fight that was expected for yesterday’s timer is happening today.

Addendum: Well, that didn’t last long.


Gaff provided a few images of the fight in EI-O0O.

3 thoughts on “EI-O0O Back in TEST Hands

  1. dsj

    Snapping the sov continuity though has put Test in a position of having to re-route their JB network. They have to rebuild the sov level in order to use them now. I suspect that other than a reason for a good fight there is now little incentive outside morale to actually flip the system.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @dsj – I had forgotten about that aspect of sov, that you need to raise your “level of ownership” before you can start installing infrastructure. Took TEST more than 3 months to do that back in 2011.


  3. Gaff

    I got in on 2 archons, 2 thannys, and a naglfar. Good day with SUAS, and he sang “Little Bees” live on mumble.


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