A Bit of Quiet in Fountain

Nulli Secunda, Norther Coalition, Pandemic Legion, and a cast of thousands have been busy cleaning up the hug mess left over from the great S2N Citizens sovereignty drop.


Recapturing the systems and outposts is just the first step in the process of putting things back together.  CCP’s EVElopedia has a Guide to Sovereignty if you are interested in the details.

While that was going on there wasn’t much in the way of opposition in Fountain.  And the CFC spent the quiet time shooting structures, putting things into reinforce, putting POS modules offline, and destroying some towers and SBUs outright.  I spent Monday and Tuesday nights in Baltec/Megathron fleets.  Monday we sat in a POS and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on SyncTube.  We were acting as a reaction force while capital ships went out and shot up various things.  Tuesday night our fleet actually went out and did some of the shooting as well, which was only marginally more interesting.

The Mittani joined us on voice coms for quite a stretch in what became Space Tyrant’s Question Time (reference).  He responded to questions about the war, what happened with S2N Citizens, the origin of his name, and a request to clarify exactly who qualifies as a “pubbie,” all of which was good for morale.

Things have since started to heat up again in Fountain, no doubt because TEST sees all those timers.  If nothing else, we have added to their list of things to do.

Obligatory screen shots of Baltec Fleet.