My Guns Jam at Z9PP-H

The call went out over Jabber.  Something was happening in Z9PP-H and we needed some fleets up right away.

Still flush with war enthusiasm, a Megathron fleet filled up under Laz and a second one was formed up under Mister Vee.  I managed to get into the second fleet just before it filled up.

Mister Vee moved us right along.  We were undocked and off to the fight in no time.  We arrived in Z9PP-H and Mister Vee had us load medium range ammo.  We then warped straight into the thick of things, landing in range of a host of hostile carriers.  We did not make any headway against the carriers, and we warped off after a short stay.  When we landed, Mister Vee had us load antimatter rounds and then changed it to spike rounds, which are the longest ranged projectiles. (Hybrid ammo chart)

At that point, some combo of time dilation, warping around, and reloading the guns caused the guns to jam.  When we landed back on the hostiles and Mister Vee started calling targets, all I got was this.


I figured with tidi nearly in full effect, maybe it was just taking a bit of extra time.  I waited.  No change.  A reload takes 5 seconds, so even at 10% tidi the operation should take less than a minute.

I tried loading the guns with different ammo.

I tried unloading the guns.

I tried ungrouping the guns.

Each of these operations informed me that the guns were in the process of being loaded with charges.

Meanwhile the fleet seemed to be knocking off hostile battleships one after another.  We were firing at over 100km in range so I couldn’t throw my drones in to help.  So I sat there, sailing along with the fleet, clicking various buttons trying to get the guns to respond.

After a while we warped out to a POS in system.  Once in there I exited EVE then launched it again.  The guns were still jammed.  When Mister Vee warped us back into the battle, I went with the fleet.  I did actually serve a purpose, as at one point I became the primary for the hostiles.  They were shooting a toothless target.  I was saved by our logistics crew and the hostiles targeted somebody else.

We popped in and out of the fight.  At one point I left the fleet and jumped through the 7-8S5X gate and back in hopes that a system transition would fix the problem.

It did not.  I jumped back into Z9PP-H with my guns still jammed.

During one lull I logged off and went and shaved, thinking maybe a longer duration might help.  It did not.  The fleet was actually still about where I left it when I got back, as the battle had been put on hold while Laz went to the bathroom.


I asked in fleet and nobody had any new ideas.  I even opened up the in-game Help channel, which is generally not very helpful for questions more complicated that “how do I undock?”  But I was desperate.  No help was to be had there either.

Eventually, sick of this routine, I decided to just head back to B-D so I could dock up and hopefully fix the problem.  The intel channel said the route was clear back to B-D, but I still managed to get caught in a bubble crossing the system.  I was able to turn around and warp out of that.  I next landed on the YZS5-4 gate, which was also bubbled, but I did not mind.  I aligned for the EI-O0O gate and then a few hostile pods landed around me.  I deployed my drones hoping to get some sort of kill mail today.  And then the hostile Dominix fleet landed on me and it was time to forget my drones and warp out.

This time I landed right on the EI-O0O gate and was on my way.  I managed to get back to B-D without incident.

Upon docking I opened up the fitting window and figured I was seeing the problem.  Some of the guns were loaded, others were not.


So I unloaded those guns and undocked to try and load the guns.  No luck.  Same message as before.

I docked back up and tried to unload the unloaded guns.  No change.  I tried to unfit some of the guns.  No change.


Nothing I could come up with would fix the problem.  My last hope on this is that the next downtime with reset whatever timer got stuck as part of this operation.

I had to run off shortly after that in any case. And the fight got terminated by CCP, saving the TEST carrier fleet. People were unhappy all over.  I was off at a party by the time that all happened.

There is the official we screwed up again message from CCP and coverage of the event over at The Mittani (with editorial), EVE News 24, and Poetic Discourse so far.  Or, if you prefer your EVE news in German, there is a post up at Gamers Global.

Anyway, with no way to actually shoot at the enemy, I had time to take plenty of screen shots.

5 thoughts on “My Guns Jam at Z9PP-H

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mekhios – I swapped to a Scimitar I had in station and back. No change, guns still stuck in a loading state. Ah well, I had to run off shortly after that in any case.


  2. anon

    those guns stucked thing along with other modules not reacting was default in every larger fleetfight. that happens if the server has more load then it can handle.
    next level would be people not loading grid anymore and then nodecrashes
    since ccp invented time dilatation and other things this is a very rare thing to happen. if it still happens means the server is melting even with max tidi


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