Remember the Lazamo – Bloodbath at 3WE-KY

This morning there was some running around as a possible fleet action built up in Fountain.  I got into game and into Lazerus Telraven’s fleet, which got left behind waiting on a titan while the other fleets moved out.

Then it was announced that we had a cyno in place and that our fleet would be dropping on the hostiles ahead of the other fleets.  After a tidi titan jump, where the bridge went up and then down before anybody got bridged out, we landed near the gate in 3WE-KY.  And then the fun began.

We were there ahead of the other fleets and sitting on top of several hostile fleets.  Reinforcements were on the way for us, but we had to hold out for over an hour while outnumbered.  And then TEST and pals started dropping some capital ships on the field.

Fleet doctrine and good logistics played out well for us.  There were some losses early on in our fleet, but for the most part we held out.  I was the primary target for the hostiles at one point, though I noticed I was getting yellow boxed in time to get my request for armor reinforcement early.  And even then, it was a near run thing.

Go Logi, Go!

Go Logi, Go!

I ended up about 10% into structure before reps started to out weight the incoming fire.  The battle went on.  I saw the numbers in local continue to rise.  When we jumped in it was just over 1,100 and I saw it get close to 1,700 by the time the fight hit its peak.  Naturally, time dilation was in full effect, running at 10% with some lag on top of that.

And then the tide began to turn.  Other fleets began to arrive on scene.  We ended up dropping some capital ships of our own.  And, in the end, any hostiles left on field were destroyed.  I have 8 dreadnaughts and 3 carriers on my kill tally for the day, along with a pile of enemy battleships.  A big battle indeed.


Early on in the fight, it was declared an Alamo operation, where we were surrounded and outnumbered and hoping for reinforcement.  Then, it became The Lazamo, named for our FC.

I remember...

I remember…

While is still catching up and we are waiting for more complete battle reports (maybe this one?), I have a pile of pictures from the fight after the cut.

Addendum: The Mittani has a report up on the battle now.

Addendum March 2018: Link rot has killed all those reports.  Here is one that still works along with the header so I can piece it together again at some future date.

Lazamo summary… mostly correct I think

Addendum April 2018: Wayback Machine link to the article from The Mittani, submitted by AZ.

I had the screen shots sorted by time and then the WordPress gallery tool decided that they needed to be in alphabetical order.  I have tried to put them back in the correct sequence.

3 thoughts on “Remember the Lazamo – Bloodbath at 3WE-KY

  1. EveFan

    Love your blog! Best war-related Eve blog atm for sure. Real info from within the action. Really appreciate the writeups,


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @EveFan – Thanks, though I make no claim to actually reporting any “big picture” aspects of the war. My posts tend to be focused on what I saw and heard, usually with links to elsewhere to help with the bigger picture.

    For example, my post about Z99PP-H was mainly focused on the early part of the fight, where I was present, and the fact that my guns were jammed. Then at the end of the post I tacked on a bit about “oh, and CCP hosed the fight later on” with some links to coverage of that.

    One stupid tale I forgot to relate above was that, while we were sitting on the titan, I was looking at ships in the fleet as I tend to do. There was a Megathron Fleet Issue in with us, which later got blown up. (Note the “Paul is dead” orientation it strikes in that linked picture with relation to the rest of the fleet.) But at one point I was looking at a boosting Loki that warped into us at an odd angle. I put the camera focus on him and took a few screen shots, then moved on to other ships.

    Later on I was looking around and saw some idiot in a Megathron had apparently clicked “approach” on the Loki and was sitting there bumping into him. The Loki eventually pointed away, hit afterburner for a cycle and got away from this bumblefuck in his battleship. I laughed at this and clicked on the Mega to see who it was and, of course, it was me. I had the camera focused on other ships, not my own, so didn’t even notice when my Mega went wandering off to annoy the poor guy in the Loki.


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