The Propaganda War in Fountain

When two forum based entities come into conflict, one thing you can depend on is a lot of propaganda.  And so it is in Fountain.

TEST vs. Goons

TEST vs. Goons

After the cut is an array of propaganda pictures I have collected along the way.  They get linked in local by both sides.  They are usually just in somebody’s Imgur account and sources are completely unattributed.  Basically, I don’t know who made any of these, so I apologize in advance for using your work with giving credit.  If you want me to remove and item that is yours, drop me a note.  And, if I have missed a good one… also drop me a note and I will add it to the mix.

I have not included any of the animated .gif files as they tend to be huge and I am considering how best to display them while not making the page take forever to load.

2 thoughts on “The Propaganda War in Fountain

  1. Gaff

    Nice collection. Wish we did have some of the animated ones–perhaps an imgur gallery with just a link in case peeps are curious?


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