Daily Archives: July 14, 2013

Boat’s Oddity

Music from Suas of Little Bees fame.

(direct link to video)

Suas actually did the music a while back, and it was great.  But then the in-game visuals were added by TerminatorV250 and it became a media spectacular.

That is the war in Fountain.  There are a couple of points where I swear that my ship has to be on screen.  My screen shots from the war seem to cover some of those very events.

Boatman of the song is, of course, Dabigredboat or DBRB, who forgot to update his clone after getting podded early in the war and lost the skill Fleet Command V.  I checked, and that skill would take me about 60 days to train.  Ouch.  And ‘throns are the Megathrons, the Gallente battleship that is prominent in both the war and the video.

Anyway, this is the song of the war for me so far.

Lyrics after the cut.  Happy Bastille Day.

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