Notes from Another Steam Summer Sale

We are already more than half way through the annual Steam Summer Sale and… I haven’t bought a single game so far.


I did get a free game however.

I noted in a comment on my post about the Civilization V expansion Brave New World that Steam had put it up as a sale item just two days after it released, which I didn’t think was all that cool.  I pre-ordered the expansion, which knocked three bucks off the price, only to find that I could have saved six dollars more if I had waited two additional days.  I am fine paying the day-one price for something I want, but cutting the price on day three is just going to train me not to buy anything new on Steam.

Well, Steam apparently didn’t think the price cut was all that cool in hindsight and decided to make it up to those who pre-ordered.  They didn’t feel bad enough to give me the six dollars, but they gave me a copy of Civilization IV.

Steam tries to make up

Steam tries to make up

I already own Civilization IV, though I couldn’t tell you where the disks were if pressed.  And, when it comes down to it, if I want to play a Civ game, Civ IV is probably in fourth place behind Civ V, Civ II, and Alpha Centauri.  But I suppose it was a decent gesture and I can always give it to somebody else on Steam.

But that isn’t why I haven’t bought any games yet.

And it certainly isn’t because of any negative reaction I might be having to their new Steam Trading Cards thing.  I don’t understand it really.  But it serves as neither an incentive nor a deterrent when it comes to purchased.  I am not going to buy stuff just to get a virtual trading card or to level myself up.

Only level 4

Only level 4

I probably did end up voting a few more times than I might have in their polls because of this.

And price should be no object.  The sales are great and I have been tempted to purchase a number of titles.

For example, like Harbinger Zero, I have been eying Skyrim, having set a mental price threshold of $20 at which point I have told myself I will buy it.  And, as he wrote, the fact that the Steam sale price fell just shy of that goal… I can have Skyrim for $21 right now… has ostensibly kept me from pulling the trigger on that deal.

However, I suspect that even at the $20 mark, I still might pass it by like so many other deals on the service.

I just think I might be sated when it comes to games at the moment.

I am happily playing Lord of the Rings Online and Civilization V while waiting for fleets in EVE Online.  And I already have a backlog of games that I want to play should those pale.  Steam says I have 77 games, and I probably play five of them on any sort of regular basis.

Still, I look at the Steam site a couple of times a day, just to see what sales are going.

Have you grabbed anything good yet?

17 thoughts on “Notes from Another Steam Summer Sale

  1. Joe Birdwell

    Went ahead and rounded out my Civ V map packs. As for the Civ V sale apology it is kind of a joke considering that someone who preordered the 2nd Civ V expansion already has IV.


  2. bhagpuss

    I have no idea how MMO players have time to play any other games. I think it’s over a year since I last logged into my Steam account and I’m not sure I’ve ever bought anything on it. I’m reading various bloggers writing about The Sims and Don’t Starve and they look fascinating but really, where would the time come from?

    I thought when I got a Tablet that I might play some offline games on that when I was out and about but in practice if I have a wifi connection I’d father rather read blogs or web-browse and if I don’t I read a book. I did play through most of Broken Sword but then my Tablet bugged and I had to do a factory reset and lost all the saves so that was the end of that.

    Maybe when I retire.


  3. Marty Runyon

    I usually don’t, but I have spent way too much money during this sale. My list (so far) includes:

    • Magic 2014
    • Bastion
    • RPG Maker VX Ace
    • Tomb Raider
    • Football Manager 2013


  4. Mekhios

    “I have no idea how MMO players have time to play any other games.”

    Umm .. spend less time playing Guild Wars 2 and less time on blogs and more time playing other games? ;)

    I did once entertain the idea of maintaining a regular blog but realised I’d have more fun actually playing the games rather than writing about them. Hence I get time to play WoT, EVE, Skyrim, and a sprinkling of MMO’s I jump in and out of.

    But ultimately there will always be someone who has more time and than someone else.


  5. Mekhios

    BTW I just ran my Steam ID through

    Worth: $3174.22
    Games owned: 212
    Games not played: 64
    Percentage: 30%
    Hours spent: 1,283.1h

    My Steam account was first created on September 2003.


  6. Coppertopper

    I held off, but broke the seal with ‘You Need a Budget’ (yep a non-game purchase). It was all downhill from there:
    Skyrim – dragonborn dlc
    Dark Souls
    System Shock 2
    Dragon Age – ultimate edition (which ill never play probably – wtf did I buy that???)
    Dishonored + 1 dlc


  7. Coppertopper

    also you aren’t doing yourself any favors holding off on Skyrim. I just made that my ‘only game until I finish the main quest’ (due to a gamers with jobs post), and already had 100hrs into it. And if you do pull the trigger, download NMM and get some of the ‘most endorsed mods’ – makes it a much more fun game.


  8. Mekhios

    Agree with Coppertopper. Skyrim is a must have. It was at full price. Even Syncaine loves it which says a lot!

    Definitely use Nexus Mod Manager.

    My recommended mod list:
    Double Cursor Fix (for those who run dual monitors)
    Skyrim HD – 2K Textures
    Superior Lore-Friendly Hair – HD textures


  9. Kana

    Darksiders II
    Eador: Masters of the Broken World
    Borderlands 2: Mechromancer Pack
    Borderlands 2: Creature Slaughterdome DLC
    Borderlands 2: Psycho Pack
    Tomb Raider
    Kinetic Void (wtf is that and why i bought it?)
    System Shock 2
    Civ V Gods and Kings Expansion (yes, i am slowpoke)


  10. Ocho

    I only bought Torchlight 2, though I’m still slowly making my way through Torchlight 1. I might get around to it when they release Torchlight 5.

    If you want to clear your mind about prices, check out the site You can set a price for any game on Steam and it’ll send you an email when it hits that price. Also, they have charts showing the games price over time. So, for example, at $21, according to the graph, Skyrim is the cheapest it has ever been (graph goes back to Christmas 2011).


  11. Matt

    I have bought Terraria, AOE 2 and 3 bundle, Rage, and Alan Wake. The AoE bundle was the only one over $5. Terraria is, thus far, the only one I’ve played. I considered Dragon Age but figured I would never play it. I might end up getting Euro Truck Simulator, which appeals to me for some reason.

    I find that I am tired of all the flash sale and daily sale stuff. It’s gotten pretty bad when you won’t even buy a game on the sale price, but you instead wait for the super sale price.

    I also have no idea what the trading cards are for.


  12. Mekhios

    I notice you can sell the trading cards. Most seem to go for about a dollar. But yeah what is the point?


  13. Toldain

    Have you ever played Galactic Civilization II. My daughter brought out an old DVD of it she had and we had some fun with it. If you have, I’d be curious how you think it stacks up with Alpha Centauri


  14. Shintar

    Everyone is always shocked that I don’t even have a Steam account. I just find the sales amusing in so far as they always seem to cause some otherwise very intelligent people to suddenly lose all common sense and buy lots of stuff they’ll never use just because “it’s on sale!”


  15. Mekhios

    I still know gamers without Steam. For me though it is a big convenience because I do not have to buy a physical box that takes up space I do not have.


  16. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Toldain – I have GalCiv II around here somewhere I think. I was never much into it however. And Alpha Centauri is basically Civilization 2.5, staged on Mars, so it is tough to compare it to the space empire theme of GalCiv II.


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