Tinker Dice – Not Much Time Left

About 28 days ago I posted about Tesh and his Tinker Dice Kickstarter campaign.  Since the campaign was set to run for 30 days, that means there is not much time left to pledge.

Tinker Dice

Tinker Dice

And pledge you must if you want a set of these dice.  The campaign started off strong, as they tend to do, with a flurry of pledges.  However, things began to languish in early July and the project now sits at 40% of the requested funding level.  Projects often finish off with a last minute rush of pledges, and the last day of a campaign can be as strong as the first.  However, there is a long ways to go for this one, and without some momentum it seems doomed to founder shy of its target.

1 thought on “Tinker Dice – Not Much Time Left

  1. Tesh

    Thanks for the mention!

    Aye, it looks like we’re in bad shape. I’m still spreading the word, but realistically, it’s not looking too optimistic.

    I’m looking for different plastic dice providers (again) to see if we can try again with a lower target… and I’ve got a campaign in the works for the metal dice alone, since that seemed to interest some folks. (Which is also nice as we’ll be starting with a $1000 base goal since the minimum order quantity for metal custom stuff is lower. Oddities of manufacturing, ahoy!)


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