A Little Gasoline on the Fire in Fountain?

A check of the map over at DOTLAN shows that the sovereignty clean up in Fountain continues apace.  But I did notice a system of a different color this morning.

6VDT-H in Orange

6VDT-H in Orange

The system 6VDT-H, the symbolic capital of Fountain for TEST, the place they went all-in on in last Sunday’s big fight, was given to the CFC alliance Fatal Ascension.

And while what I don’t know about null sec politics and the relationships between alliances could fill a very thick book, I do know that TEST and FA do not get along.  They have come to blows off and on during my time in null sec, often when they were both part of the CFC.  Blow ups between the two nearly kicked off the TEST vs. CFC conflict six months early.  There was war fever back in January over that.

And while shooting did not start, TEST was reset at that time and a real war became a genuine possibility going forward.

Later, after Asakai, TEST made the FA angle part of their post-battle propaganda.

So FA being given that particular system seems to me to be sending a very specific message, and that message is not “We want TEST back in the CFC.”

What do you think?  Is the CFC now spitting in TEST’s eye?

5 thoughts on “A Little Gasoline on the Fire in Fountain?

  1. Drebin

    Heh, EVE’s always good for drama.

    BTW, Wilhelm, WG/WOT’s 15th Anniversary’s starting up this weekend.

    Goodies galore and a free tank.

    Oh, and SG placed first in round 3 of the campaign, so guess who has a brand-new M60? Woo!


  2. Drebin

    My sympathies. Oddly enough, with the CW campaign now closed and nothing beyond tournament play and normal CW on the horizon, I’ve been tempted to take a break from WoT for a few weeks. Trying to make every battle when you’ve not exactly got time to is, as you can appreciate, draining.


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