L7-APB Falls – TEST Officially Out of Fountain

TEG-SD was the next to last system to go.  That went down about noon on Sunday my local time.  I got into the Baltec fleet for the operation, but like so many ops since 6VDT, the capital ship fleet went and did the work while we sat on a titan, ready to ride in and support them should the enemy appear.

Riding a titan again in Fountain

Riding a titan again in Fountain

Then, about six hours later, the timer for L7-APB ended.  I wasn’t around, but capital ships and a Baltec fleet deployed again for the final stage of the sovereignty grind in Fountain.  There was no resistance and the system was taken.  The conquest of Fountain is complete.  115 systems in, or soon to be in, CFC possession.

Fountain - Aug 5, 2013

Fountain – Aug 5, 2013

Now there is the wait for sovereignty to rise and infrastructure to be built in the region.  And, of course, the need to figure out what to do next.

4 thoughts on “L7-APB Falls – TEST Officially Out of Fountain

  1. Mekhios

    Will Solar Fleet be the next target? Will we all become vassals of the vast Goon empire? Will the rebel alliance be able to steal the plans for Mittens private deathstar?

    Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “Goons in Spaaaacccceeee”.


    PS. Thanks for the EVE update Wilhelm.


  2. Kethry Avenger

    How long does it take for the last system to be able to use a Cyno Jammer? If Goons want to divide up the space do they do that now before the Sov Timers have to reset?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Mekhios – SOLAR FLEET is currently missing from the sov map. But in general, the CFC does not get involved with the Russians if it can be at all avoided.

    @Kethrey Avenger – 35 days to get to sov 3, when jammers and jump bridges can be set up.

    Also, we have an alliance update from The Mittani declaring that the next two weeks will be low temp slack time. So no news until that passes I would guess.


  4. Mekhios

    Thanks for the clarification. I need to pay more attention to the map. We don’t get out much in lowsec pirate space. ;)


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