Towards a Confederation of Dreadnoughts

It seems to be an unwritten rule of EVE Online that, once you have a training plan all nailed down and under way, something will come along to make you change it.

And then change it again.

I lucked out to a certain extent when I moved out to null sec space back in December 2011.  I showed up just in time for the CFC to start up the Drake fleet doctrine, a ship I was already exceptionally well skilled to fly.  I think I had all related skills to level IV or V at the outset and have since honed them up even more.  I have many a post here about flying with Drake fleet.

Some of us in a line

Happy Days in Drake Fleet

That luck gave me time to train up for logistics, so I was able to fly a Scimitar with Drake fleet or Alpha fleet.  I trained a little for Alpha fleet as well, but there was not much pressure because there was a tech 1 Megathron fit I could fly already.  So I could idly train whatever I wanted.

I got myself set for Tengu fleet, just in case.  I never actually flew the Tengu part, sticking to logistics there.  When Tech fleet came out as an armor tanked doctrine, I trained up that part of logistics as well.  I trained up Planetary Management, with the idea of setting up a bit of semi-passive income at some point.  I haven’t quite gotten there yet.

And then came the war in Fountain and the subsequent doctrine changes.  Drakes had been nerfed into oblivion by CCP, Tengu and Tech fleets were not holding up, so new plans were made.  Sure, I had Caracals covered when they were thrown in as a cheap stop-gap, and it doesn’t take much to fly a Celestis.  But when Batltec fleet was announced, and the mighty Megathron was the order of the day, I was a few skills shy.  I could fly logistics, but not the Megathron fit.  And while that was all of a day’s training, I was still at the very low end for armor tanking skills.  How I missed Drakes.

I have a lot of Megathron screen shots now

And then we added AHACs with lasers and Harpy fleet and I was clearly behind the times.

So about three weeks back I put together a plan in EVE Mon titled “Fly All the Subcaps!” and put in all the things that might ever get included in a future doctrine, training them  all up to level IV (or V when needed), giving me about a 200 day training plan.  You would think with 107 million skill points, I would be covered, but there are a lot of skills in EVE Online.  I biased the plan towards things that would help current doctrines first, so Armor Honeycombing was in there early, and set off training.

And then the fighting in Fountain ended and rumors started that we would be moving to Fountain.  Gaff poked me and suggested that it might be a good thing to train up to fly a carrier so as to be able to haul ships back and forth at need.  If we moved to Fountain, I had a pile of ships to move there, and if we didn’t, I had a pile to move back to Deklein.

That seemed like a plan just reasonable enough to blow up my previous plan.  And I had laid some groundwork for it during my aimless training time.  I had Jump Drive Operation up to V and Jump Drive Calibration to IV.  Flying a carrier… and I could chose any one, they were all equidistant… was just 19 days away.  So off I went on that plan, the Archon being my target.

Archon under fire

Not THAT kind of target!

And then, a week into that, with the Fountain fully taken, there was an Alliance Update that, among other things, assigned new training goals.  We were asked to max out sentry drones and work towards flying a dreadnought.  The plan is to abuse the “assign drones to the FC” mechanic (which did not work all that well for TEST at G95F or 6VDT) until CCP fixes it and to fling dreadnoughts at everything in future conflicts.

Since I was already at maximum skills for sentry drones (trained them years back and never really used them until now) I started looking at dreads.

I am equidistant in training time from 3 of the 4 dreadnoughts, though the Phoenix is out due to being unsuitable for a “blap dread” (a subcap shooting dreadnought) fit.  (Gaff, who owns a Phoenix, blames me for this, saying I told him to go Caldari back in 2007.) The Revelation is the furthest out of reach, as I am way behind in laser weaponry.  So the choice is between the Moros and the Naglfar.

The Moros seems to be the favored choice among many who purport to know best.  They certainly seem common.  They are a bit bulbous, looking a bit like Dabiggreenboat, to coin a phrase.

Moros Firing

Moros Firing at 3WE-KY

And then there is the smaller, but quite vocal Naglfar faction, whose primary arguments are that it uses no capacitor for its guns and looks damn cool with its vertical orientation.

Naglfars stand out among dreadnoughts

Fortunately, the work I started on for flying a carrier applies to dreadnoughts, and I have a bit of time to decide on which one to choose.

And I have to start working on earning some ISK.  This is going to cost.  The skills alone are pricy, and I haven’t even gotten a price on hulls and fittings yet.

Anyway, once I finish the dreadnought plan and then the carrier plan, I can get back to my subcap plan.  Unless something else comes up.

And something else always comes up.

15 thoughts on “Towards a Confederation of Dreadnoughts

  1. HarbingerZero

    Every time I’ve been in EVE, I’ve had a “general skill plan” with all those useful or vaguely useful skills in a 6 month queue, and then two or three specific plans on top based on whatever the corp wanted or flavor of the moment had caught my eye. The funny thing is that even when I cut into that 6 month queue, I would immediately find more of those generally useful skills. The end result is that the plan never really seems to dip below the 5 month mark, no matter how long I have it running.


  2. flosch

    I’ve always been wary to even think of going down that path. Not only because I obviously don’t have any place to fly such a thing. Also the fact that they are very expensive.

    Plus… isn’t the dreadnaught the smallest class of ship that can’t dock any more? And doesn’t that doom you to a life in that one ship, in PoS bubbles, unless you lose it at some point?

    I might be wrong and that path doesn’t start until even larger ships…


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @flosch – You can dock dreads, carriers, and jump freighters. I think I even have a picture of Gaff’s Phoenix undocking at a station somewhere. It is the supercaps that cannot dock.

    Becoming a titan pilot means doing nothing but being a titan pilot.


  4. flosch

    Oh… right. Dreadnaughts and up can’t use gates, that’s what it was. And I remember playing station games with an Archon in low-sec. At some point the pilot messed up. Juicy kill that was. That’s what you get for being cocky.

    Also the reason I’d probably be way too nervous to fly a cap, even though carriers are still relatively “cheap” at like what… 1.5-2 billions? I’m too risk-averse to fly one, and I don’t assume any alliance fully reimburses carrier losses.


  5. flosch

    (and I guess the underlying question is: aren’t you afraid of losing the ship once you start flying it? It’s a bit of a different price class than even battleships, and those I already dread losing.)


  6. Hull

    I have two revs and can fly the moros… My suggestion is moros or nag . Both are very versatile. Moros has nasty dps and tracking bonuses, and you can shield and armour tank them well. Nag allows for versatile ammo choice, no cap usage of its turrets. And looks cool :). Can’t go wrong with either atm. I’d probably think about whether you want large hybrid 5 or large projectile 5 and then make your decision based on that


  7. Hull

    Oh, and yes they are pretty pricey now… With the new capital rigs costing about 1 bill each you are looking at a buy and fitting cost around 7 bill. Hope you have a good isk-making strategy :)


  8. Gaff

    We fully reimburse capital losses, providing you fly the approved fit with an approved FC and have met the skill requirements.


  9. Anonymous

    I would go for a carrier for your first cap, they are infinitely more useful even at an individual level.


  10. flosch

    Wow, that’s… pretty impressive. I would’ve expected a partial reimbursement lump sum maybe.

    You guys have way too much money! Where do I sign up for some of it? :D


  11. Stabs

    It’s actually quite an exciting time in the Eve meta. It feels like for years sov null has been a dance between the people with titans and the people with numbers. After Black Legion demonstrated the viability of massed dreads against supers the stage may be set for some epic 200 titans v 2000 dreads battle at some point in the future.


  12. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I am pulled in two directions on this one. The carrier would be like owning a pickup truck. I could haul my ships around. (And get asked to haul other people’s stuff… you know what happens when you are the one friend in a group who happens to own a pickup. That guy with the truck.)

    On the other hand, dreads appear to be the new offensive plan for the CFC. It would be nice to be a part of that. Not that there won’t be subcap fleets still. But as the Fountain war showed, subcaps are more and more being called up in fleets to hang out just in case the caps get in trouble.

    I can probably afford to do one or the other this year. Haven’t pulled the final trigger on either skill-wise yet.


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