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EverQuest Next News Timeline

Cyanbane, one time helmsman for the EQ2-Daily podcast… at one time a pretty big deal in the EverQuest II fan base… has, like many of us, found his interest in Norrath rekindled by the revelations surrounding EverQuest Next.

Interesting times and all that.

Towards that end, and somewhat in the spirit of the old EQ2-Daily front page news feed, he has created what he calls The Timeline over at the EQ2-Daiy successor site, GuildM8s.

All the important info...

All the important info…

The intent is to gather all of the EverQuest Next related news and opinion posts into a chronological framework, with the starting point, day zero as it were, being SOE Live and the big reveal.

Now, there are certainly other places to get your EverQuest Next news.  All the big MMO sites are devoting time to the game, and some independent sites are springing up to focus on the game. Feldon, ever the master of all things EverQuest II over at The EQ2 Wire, has an EverQuest Next companion site up, The EQN Wire.  There is also EQN Extra that is focusing on aggregating news an opinion.

But The Timeline has its own unique nature, in that it does stack things in a timeline, so you can get a look at who was talking about what and when.  You can see bursts of activity when some new information shows up, and you can see things thinning out as news is discussed and digested.  This will be a way to track something I brought up last week, which is how well SOE keeps the excitement for EverQuest Next going.  Lots of white space on the timeline will mean “not so much.”

I could quibble about how effective space is being used in the timeline.  The whole thing feels really constricted in the vertical plane.  But it overall it is a new way to look at the EverQuest Next news.  Cyanbane is working on similar timelines for other games of interest.

The Timeline was announced on the GuildM8s forum in a post that includes a history of the EQ2-Daily site and podcast.    If you are like me, and appreciate such insights into the history of the net, that might be the more interesting piece to read.

At least until the next bit of EverQuest Next news shows up.