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Infomorph Synchronizing and Wish Fulfillment

The Odyssey 1.1 patch dropped yesterday while I was at the office.  In the grand tradition of EVE Online, I had long skills set to train… just in case.

There is a long history things not going as smoothly as one would like.  As we used to joke about Apple in the early 90s, some days “Quality is Job 1.1.1” seems to be the corporate motto. (reference: System 7 tuner 1.1.1)

But so far it seems to have gone well.  I was able to patch all ~750MB and get into game fairly readily.

The patch itself was dense with changes.  The release notes are long.  There were 28 ships rebalances, including industrials, heavy assault cruisers, command ships, and the Dominix.  The only ship on the list I fly on any sort of regular basis is the trusty old Mammoth, which retained its name/role.  Iteron pilots were not so lucky.

Mammoth, from back in the day…

There were changes to modules as armor repairers and shield boosters were improved and an attempt was made to bring nosferatu modules back from the dead.  Bugs were fixed, the UI was altered, skills were renamed, skill groups were reworked (The EVEMon guys were ready with a patch for that right away! Good job!), and a couple of new skills were added.

And, as with every long set release notes, there is one entry that jumps out at me; the two new skills.  They are:

  • Infomorph Synchronizing
  • Advanced Infomorph Psychology

The first on the list, Infomorph Synchronizing, is one I have been waiting for.  Just 18 months ago in one of my semi-regular “wouldn’t it be nice” wish list posts, I pointed at Blizzard’s change from 24 hour to 20 hour lockouts and said that EVE Online really needed this sort of change for jump clone.  You can read my reasoning in that post.

And now CCP has delivered, though in a very EVE Online sort of way.  We have been given a skill that, with each level trained, reduces the timer for jump clones by one hour.  So if I train this skill to level IV, which I am doing even as I write this (Level IV is more than a full day of training for me, damn charisma influenced skills!  And, of course, it is interrupting my capital ship training plane, which interrupted my subcap plan, because this is EVE and the serial training queue was created to drive you mad.), my “between jumps” timer will be reduced to 20 hours.

Which is exactly what I asked for.  I guess I need to be more specific in the “how” department next time, but it still isn’t bad.

The second one is not a skill I was really thinking about.  It is an adjunct to Infomorph Psychology, the skill that controls the total number of jump clones you can have.  I have it trained to IV, which means I can have four jump clones.  And, at this point, if you don’t know the game well, you are probably asking, “What the hell is a jump clone?”  Go read this entry in the EVElopedia.  (Did that help?  I didn’t think so.  Welcome to EVE.)

Four is about enough during times of peace or focused wars.  But I have been feeling a bit stretched lately, so I think I am going to invest the week to get that Infomorph Psychology to V so I can grab the new skill and get seven or eight jump clones going.   If nothing else, it seems like it might be good to leave a jump clone in 1DH-SX from now on, as we seem to return to that station on a regular basis.

Anyway, that is what the Odyssey 1.1 patch meant to me in the short term.  I am sure that wiser minds than my own will tell me what other aspects of the patch will impact my corner of space.  I might have to look into the industrial changes.  With the deployment to Delve, the supply train has yet to catch up and so there has been call for things on the market, a good time for those with a mind to make some money.

Meanwhile, on other fronts in New Eden, there is Potshot, who is celebrating his first patch day in null sec and who just posted some of his own lessons learned in the wilds of player controlled space.  Lessons learned the hard way usually stick the best.