Kama’aina Discount Guild On Hold While We Play

The plan was to create a guild with a Hawaiian name filled with pandas, also with Hawaiian names.

But, sometimes plans change.

In our case, there was a convergence of things.

First, there are only three of us at the moment.  And while it only takes five people to create a guild at this point, none of us felt like being one of those people standing in Orgrimmar trying to bribe or cajole people into please signing their guild charter.  So we were stuck two signatures shy for almost a week.

Then, for our first dive into this round of Azeroth, it seems like we are a bit less about grouping and a bit more about straight up going for levels and exploring various corners of the game ourselves.  Kihei has been off into the quest lines, my daughter has suddenly picked up the urge to be a healer in dungeon finder runs, and I have been exploring the changes to the horde side of things and playing with pet battles.  So we haven’t been really acting as a group for now.

Finally, there seems to be plenty of choices for guilds out there.  Running through the low level zones, you get plenty of random invites from guilds.  I started taking screen shots of invites at one point, though they do not represent even a quarter of how many I got while running around in Azshara.

Fortunately, Kihei was able to pick through the chaff of invites and find us a guild we could feel comfortable with.

Khaotica the Guild

Khaotica the Guild

A level 25 guild with all the benefits and pretty much free entry.  Anybody in the guild can invite people.  So we have opted, for now, to take advantage of the boosts the guild has to offer while figuring out what we want to do in the longer term.

7 thoughts on “Kama’aina Discount Guild On Hold While We Play

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Oh, and if you want to say hello, you can try and friend me through my Battle Tag, which is Wilhelm2451#1963. Please note who you are though.

    And the end number on the tag was assigned by Blizzard and is only coincidentally close to the year of my birth.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Indeed. And I had to block the guy who was sending the invite because he kept spamming me with them. I just double checked to be sure. So we have that aspect of the whole thing as well. Clearly a winner. I bet guild chat was awesome.

    Right now, pandas named after Hawaiian cities rule the Khaotica guild chat. I’m sure we’ll all get kicked for that.


  3. *vlad*

    I’m suprised there is guild chat; such ‘social’ guilds rarely have any. Most people are in them simply for the perks rather than for any social contact; it’s useful to find one that gives you guild repairs, too.

    Just be aware that you may log on one day and find you have been kicked with no warning, that has happened to some of my alts before.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Vlad – Indeed, my expectations are low and my level of commitment has likewise been set. I have been kicked out of guilds by alleged friends (or friends of friends at least) so I am not too invested in strangers at the moment.

    This is, theoretically, a temporary situation, with the idea that we will form our own guild when the time is right. Of course, that assumes we don’t all become addicted to the level 25 benefits.


  5. Kihei

    It *is* nice to reap the benefits, particularly the 10% xp boost and the decreased hearth cooldown time. On the other hand, we’re renting. We could be having those gaming hours applied to our own guild level, rather than having it wasted on someone else’s.


  6. Carolus

    It seems to be much easier to get guild experience now too, my recently rolled warlock has reached level 34 and has already contributed about 10 million guild xp to the guild I joined (that is already level 25 so it doesn’t really matter, just making a note)


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