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Neverwinter – The Foundry Comes Through

Saturday rolled around and, for a brief period of time, it looked like we might have the whole group online.  Everybody reported in.  So we had to figure out what to play.

By default, all five of us online should mean Rift.  However, Rift seems to be fading from the interest of the group.  Plus, by the time we were about ready to get into a game, we found out that Mike has only patched Neverwinter, so that seemed to dictate the choice.

Of course, I had been playing WoW all afternoon and hadn’t bothered to patch anything, so I had to hurry up and get the Neverwinter patcher going.  Fortunately, it seemed to be pretty efficient and I was able to get half a gig of updates secured without delaying the party too much.

Then I got on and there was no Earl.  He was not responding to pings, so the guess was that he fell asleep.  After nearly seven years of the group, none of us is quite as able to stay up late as easily as we once were.  And with Earl on the East coast and starting at midnight… well… it is understandable.  We might have to look into a Sunday brunch instance group at some point.

Anyway, there were four of us, my level 6 rogue, Potshot’s level 10 guardian, Mike’s level 10 cleric, and Ula’s level 23 wizard.

That did not seem like the ideal group.  Clearly one of us is much more into the game.

We got Ula to trade out for a level 12 rogue and then started poking around for something to do.

Potshot went to the Foundry listing and started looking through the recommended and highly rated modules in the hope that we would draw something better than our last attempt.  He found a likely candidate that was chapter one of a series, shared it with us, and off we went.

More words along with pictures after the cut.

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