Are We Done with Delve Yet?

I know, a silly question.  We are clearly never going to be “done” with Delve.  We come back every year.

But the current campaign seems to be dragging a bit.

Never enough of this though

I realize we haven’t actually been working on Delve all that long, but every siege fleet you go on seems to add another week to your internal time perspective of the campaign.

Not that going out with siege fleet is the absolute worst thing in EVE.  You are still part of a team and are doing something that will make a difference of some sort in the mixed up world of null sec sovereignty.  And the graphics are kind of cool.

Another Black Ops Jump

But believe me, every defense fleet called up to drive off Pandemic Legion, or whoever else decides to show up for a fight, is a breath of fresh air.

We actually moved our staging base over one system last weekend, hopping from 1DH-SX to F2OY-X just to stop PL from “hobo camping” us all the time.  I mentioned in a previous post how a PL pilot was docked up in the station in 1DH, which is NPC owned so anybody can dock up, and then undocking, bubbling the undock, and docking back up.  We were apparently done with that and we owned a station just one jump over.

Anyway, it was with some relief that I saw this morning that the sovereignty map had gone mostly yellow for Delve and Period Basis.

Delve Area - Sep. 13, 2013

Delve Area – Sep. 13, 2013

There is still a little patch of TEST in Delve, as well as a system in Period Basis and three more in Querious.  Though, since Black Legion and SOLAR FLEET seem to be conquering Querious, I am not sure that we will need to do anything with those three systems.

We will be done soon.  Just a few more fleets.  And then… what?

As I understand it, Delve will be turned into a vast swathe of rental space for the Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere as space communism harnesses the power of space capitalism to pay for all of the things to which we have begun to take for granted like ship reimbursements and capital ship subsidies.

The Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere is also on the sovereignty map now, up in the north-east of null sec.

Renter's Paradise

Renter’s Paradise

And, judging from Mynnna’s occasional exasperation, there are actually people interested in renting from Goons.  It must be the splashy and easy to understand graphic that talented Marne Deville, creator of some of the most memorable propaganda from the war in Fountain, put together.

Quick Guide to Renting

Quick Guide to Renting

You can read more about that in one of the official rental posts in the EVE forums.  I am just waiting for the conspiracy theories to start up about the fact that the group running the rental program has decided to call themselves the Rental Management Team (RMT).  I am sure that Dinsdale Pirannha is out there feeling vindicated by that naming scheme alone.

So just a few more ops and I hope we will be done with the sovereignty grind and on to something else.

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