West Karana Abides

With the release of the latest EverQuest expansion, Call of the Forsaken, I felt just a tinge of anxiety.  One of the new zones listed for the expansion was West Karana.

I wondered if SOE might have tinkered with one of the most iconic zones in my history with the game.

West Karana all on One Map

West Karana all on One Map

So I had to patch up and log in to check.  Of course, it was night time.  That made for better atmosphere, but worse screen shots.

There were a couple of new guys at the entrance to the zone, working a bonfire or conducting a book burning or some such.

Roast a marshmallow with us?

Roast a marshmallow with us?

But otherwise the zone appeared to be still intact and as I remembered it.  Angular terrain, horrible textures, towers and buildings lit with that warm glow, bandits camping, scarecrows prancing, beetles clacking, and beasts wandering.

West Karana is still safe tonight, which seems surprisingly important to me at the moment.

1 thought on “West Karana Abides

  1. bhagpuss

    I imagine you’ve googled this for yourself by now, but for posterity’s sake the whole thing is nicely laid out at Allakhazam here:


    The new bonfire is apparently the portal to the new version of West Karana, officially known as the Ethernere Tainted West Karana.

    I’m 100% with you. They need to leave the old content alone. Re-doing the zones in new forms separately, however, is fine. The Chains of Eternity EQ2 expansion does that and from what I’ve seen so far it works really well, and of course EQ has done it before as well. My Beastlord is currently parked in an alternate version of Qeynos Hills, the name of which I forget.


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