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The End of the Road for EverQuest Mac

About 18 months back, in the run up to the free to play transition for EverQuest, the word came down that the red headed step-child of the EverQuest Franchise, EverQuest Mac, was going to be shut down. It was just another ignominy in the life of the game.

Somewhere in order of importance after EverQuest, EverQuest II, EverQuest Online Adventures, Lords of EverQuest, and probably the EverQuest Role-Playing Game, there was EverQuest – Macintosh Edition.


Brought online in 2003, SOE invited Mac users to come and join all those EverQuest players in their online world.

Good news for Mac users! The world of EverQuest is now yours to explore!

Immerse yourself in what hundreds of thousands have already experienced; a land without limits to the imagination where excitement and myth reign supreme! Join over 400,000 players as they seek treasure, unlock hidden quests, and slay dragons.


At the time...

At the time…

Missing from that was the fact that EverQuest Mac ran its own distinct client that would only connect to specific, Mac-only servers. Or server, really. There was only one. It was called Al’Kabor, and it was locked in time.

Some history and long quotes after the cut.

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