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Going Bombing in War Thunder

After last weekend’s plateau in War Thunder, where I settled upon the US tree for a while, I again began to wander.  Being in what I would call the “World of Tanks” model, where you earn experience that lets you unlock bigger/faster/better planes, I started thinking about where I wanted to go as opposed to what I wanted to do at that very moment.

And what I decided I wanted to do was drop bombs.

While I had been doing better with the P-26, I still had more time invested in the British tree.  I had even invested in the first rung of the light bomber line, the Fairy Swordfish.

Swordfish in Flight

Swordfish in Flight

I did not have a lot of luck with the Swordfish, which is part of why I jumped to the US tree for a bit.  The Swordfish is a torpedo bomber and comes by default with a torpedo slung between its under carriage.  I have yet to end up in that plane on a map where there is anything to torpedo however.  So that tends to get jettisoned at the first sign of trouble.  The plane is also slow, not very well armed, and a bit fragile.

Dear, the tail's come off again

Dear, the tail’s come off again

The Swordfish did introduce me to the joy of gunners.  At the low tiers even the sting of a single .303 in the rear cockpit can be quite a surprise, and my gunner sent a number of attackers packing.  You can, if you want, take over the gunner’s role.  You switch spots, the plane goes into a straight and level autopilot, and you get to aim the rear gun.  However, I found that the CPU gunner was doing okay on his own and that I was better off moving about rather than flying in a straight, predictable line.  And the gunner thing got me to focus back on the British tree.

More after the cut because the 8 year old in me keeps making me take screen shots of airplanes.

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