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Warhammer Online – The Final WAAAGH is on Us!

I mentioned previously that EA has announced Warhammer Online will be closing down on December 18th of this year.

I did approve of their stance on elves...

What is engraved on that blade?

As part of the run up (or down) to that terminal date, the WAR team has convinced somebody at EA to allow them to let everybody play for free for the last month and a half.  And by “everybody,” they mean everybody who ever had an account in good standing, which I gather meant that you were a paid subscriber.  From the official site:

A Parting Gift
Posted by From the Devs | 2013 Nov 02 04:00 -0400 GMT

Greetings Warhammer players,

Effective immediately we will be turning off the ability to apply one month subscriptions and game time codes to Warhammer Online accounts and removing the ability to open new Warhammer Online accounts.

To give Warhammer Online a proper sendoff we are opening the game to anyone free of charge that has or had an account in good standing starting October 31st, 2013.  We will be adding new NPC’s to the game in order to power up your characters as well as other unique experiences for everyone to enjoy as we say goodbye to Warhammer Online over the next few weeks.  So please join us and help say goodbye to Warhammer Online in one last big WAAAGH!

See you soon!

Warhammer Team

So there it is.  Anybody who played now has the ability to go back for one last look at the game before it closes down for good.

If you can remember your account details.

I have been tempted to go back for a look myself, nostalgia hound that I am, but I cannot for the life of me remember anything about my login or password.  That was five years ago and I am not quite certain what I had for lunch yesterday.

Anyway, if you can remember your account, then enjoy your shot at nostalgia.  Meanwhile, back to my stack of notes from 2008.

Hat tip: Omali at MMO Fallout


I actually figured out my account login fairly quickly and managed to coax the system into sending me a password reset.  After the password reset I was able to log into the account management tab, though I was forced to associate the account with some other EA account that shared the same email address.  Once in I was able to verify that it was, in fact, the correct account.  It had been created in August 2008.  It showed the following features:

All that CE stuff...

All that CE stuff…

And the account showed as active, so everything looked good.  I downloaded the client installer, ran that, and attempted to log in.

And the client refused to accept the very same credentials that logged me into the account management site.

So, if nothing else, the WAR team seems to be successfully replicating some of the 2008 Warhammer Online experience I vaguely remember.  Ah well…