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KW-I6T – The Long Guy Fawkes Day

I am not sure how the fight began.  I am not sure who was fighting whom.  All of that is part of the bigger picture, into which I am generally not plugged.  And in this case, it wasn’t even a CFC fight, we were just there for targets of opportunity and to support some people we aren’t really allied with (they aren’t blue to us, but they are not red either) against some other people who I know we aren’t allied with (they are red to us).

I am not even sure when the fighting began.  I saw something come up on the RSS feed from EVE News 24 as I was eating my lunch at the office.  And there was something on Twitter from EVE-Kill.net.

Down in Catch, a region in the south of New Eden, a timer had run down in KW-I6T, the last Nulli Secunda system in the region.  And they were going to fight for it.  (Okay, if you want to know all that, there is a summary over at The Mittani.  But I didn’t know any of it until after the fight.)

It was one of those fights that snowballed, bringing in capital ships and supercapitals, as it kept on going and going.

Big red ball at KW-I6T

Big red ball at KW-I6T

It was still going when I got home from work and Gaff IM’d me asking if I was going to try to get down and join the CFC contingent already engaged.  I didn’t think that I was going to get down there on my own, so I looked in on the streams.  Both Mad Ani and Dabigredboat were broadcasting, though I had to go with Boat because not only was he also leading a fleet (the man can multitask without any degradation to his level of performance… what that level is, of course, is the question up for debate), but he was playing some of the best/worst 80s pop music I could imagine on his stream.

Then around 5pm my time, a call went out for a reinforcement fleet to head to the fight.  Reagalan already had a Baltec fleet down in the fight.

The "How To" of Baltec Fleet

Remember Baltec Fleet?

They were on grid with an Erebus titan that they had bubbled and were slowly bumping away from its triage carrier support. (Diagram of this effort at TMC.)  They fully planned a titan bonfire that night and we were going to fly on down there to help out.  So a fleet went up under Kari Trace with a rally point in 4-EP12.

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