Corp Day in Deklein

A corp day was declared where we all joined up to harvest ice, which will be turned into fuel for our towers.

8 thoughts on “Corp Day in Deklein

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Toldain – Indeed, though I could have written a bit about some of the corp coms traffic… like how many times it has to be explained where to put the ice and the ongoing “I need a ship/fitting” conversations and why we have so many towers to fuel in the first place… but I might be tempted to start pointing at individuals, which I would rather not do.

    Potshot’s main in the corp is Denterion. He has an alt as well in the corp, as do I. We were all at the “California” end of the ice belt for a while, until Mirple and a few others started to horn in on our action.


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