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A Return to Curse

On reading about our new deployment, my first thought was along the lines of “Didn’t I just get the hell out of Curse?”

It wasn’t as though our gate camp deployment down there was bad.  It just seemed like more of a training exercise than a mission with some concrete end goals.  And given the proximity of Curse to my various caches of ships and supplies, it seemed like we could have gone elsewhere for training.

New Eden Simplified

My stuff vs. Curse

Even after the big battle at KW-I6T, when our fleet headed for “home” in Curse, I preferred to take my chances solo and head back to Deklein.

But when the call came I still packed myself up and headed down there via my now well worn route.  I even did so with some enthusiasm.  You see, there is a war on.

Headed on down to Curse again...

Headed on down to Curse again…

Granted, it isn’t our war, but you make due with what you have.  According to the GSF CEO update, the core group of the Russians have managed to set aside their differences and have allied to take on the N3 coalition holding the east of the New Eden, which includes Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion, Nulli Secunda, and some more Russians.

And our role in this?  We aren’t taking sides or flagging anybody blue.  But we do have an agenda.

We are now going to do to NCdot and their friends in N3 exactly what they did to us in Fountain. We are going to be ‘honourable third parties’ in this war and make their lives and their gameplay hell. At every turn where they complain on the forums about how we are ruining their ‘good fights’ and ‘blobbing’, we will remind them with a sweet, false smile that this is exactly what they tried and failed to do to us.

The plan appears to be to drop on in any of the fights that crop up between the warring parties (like those at KW-I6T and L7ZS-5) to shoot N3 or, when fights are not available, to drop into N3’s backfield to sew terror and discord with their renters by sweeping them from space, attacking their structures, and generally being pains in their collective asses.  For this our forward base at G-0Q86 in Curse is pretty well situated.

Curse, in the midst of the troubles

Curse, in the midst of the troubles

And since this was to be an official CFC deployment to Curse (except for at least one alliance, which seems to be devoted to knocking off systems at the north end of the N3 coalition while the battles are happening in the south), logistical support could be expected.  I just had to get myself down there and buy a few doctrine ships on contract… the mix looks to be Siege Fleet stealth bombs, Dominix Fleet, and Prohpecy Fleet, which both my main and my alt can fly in… and wait for fleet ops to be announced.  And there were fleet ops running almost right away and all through the weekend.

I was fortunate in that my alt still had a jump clone down in Curse and a Harpy in the station with it, so he just had to jump and get over to G-0.  This was actually a bit risky, but he made it, docked up in the station in G-0 with the medical offices, set his death clone to there, and then warped over to the other station where we are staging.  Why we aren’t using the station with the medical facilities to stage seems like a pertinent question.  The official response I have so far is, “because we’re idiots.”

Then I just had to get Wilhelm down there.  I grabbed the last stealth bomber I had handy in Deklein and took the usual route into high sec then back to into null sec through the Great Wildlands.

That orange nebula south of Hek

That orange nebula south of Hek

I managed to make it through unmolested late on Sunday night.  I did hit a couple of active systems with a few people running around in them, but I just waved in local and they waved back.  I am going to guess that they were ratting or some such and were thus as uninterested in a fight as I was.

Anyway, I got through, did the clone thing, got myself set up with some doctrine ships, and am now ready for whatever operations might be in store.

Of course, I am wondering if I should have invested much in such ships.  The Rubicon expansion drops tomorrow.  CCP already has their mile-long list of patch notes posted, as well as dev blogs going into detail about balancing ship and modules, warp speed changes, mobile structures, and all sorts of other things.  And such updates tend to change the way wars are fought in null sec.  So next week we might be swapping out to an interdictor and interceptor only fleet doctrine or some such.  We shall see.

But I am in Curse again and ready to go.