EverQuest Mac Goes Quietly Into the Night

I missed it.  November 18th was the last day for EverQuest Macintosh Edition.  As noted at the one site I could find covering the topic, the Al’Kabor server is now down.  But the event passed without much notice otherwise.

No longer available

No longer available

The EverQuest Mac forums are still up for the moment, but they will be going away soon.

I wrote a piece back in October when SOE announced that they were closing down EverQuest Mac that summarizes a bit of the story of the server, which ran for just over a decade.  The final moment has passed.  The game is just part of history now.

3 thoughts on “EverQuest Mac Goes Quietly Into the Night

  1. Jenks

    This was the last ‘real’ MMO server I enjoy playing on. I’ve never liked the idea of playing on emulated servers but I suppose it’s time. Maybe I’ll even try out one of thsoe vanilla WoW servers.


  2. bhagpuss

    There goes my last chance to walk the streets of Old Freeport. Unless, like Jenks, I cross to the shady side of the street. Ah well, can’t hold back the hands of Time for ever, more’s the pity.


  3. Jamie Kahn Genet (@Wizardling)

    I far prefer Vanilla WoW servers like Emerald Dream to current WoW, or any WoW since Wrath. I also enjoyed EQ1’s time locked progression, at least till after Luclin.

    The only truly stable (in terms of not eventually losing what you came to play) servers are the private ones, now that EQMac is dead :-(

    It’s a shame no MMO dev will roll their own widely accessible (EQMac never was for obvious reasons) stable classic server. What could they possibly have against them? Time and again it’s been demonstrated that players will flock to a classic experience. I can only assume it’s a question of financial resources to keep the classic server going, and possibly also classic servers being an admission that not all is perfect with the current version of their MMO, and subsequent resistance to admitting that.


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