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I Haven’t Quite Crossed the Rubicon Yet

CCP managed to deploy the Rubicon expansion on Tuesday without much in the way of issues.

We all have that same splash screen image

Is that the actual splash screen?

And while I patched up all 1.21 Gigabytes, I have not really had much opportunity to get into the game.  Work, events at my daughter’s school, and perhaps some excessive focus on another game has kept me away.  Fortunately CCP Fozzie had some tweets about what was going on during the first 24 hours after the expansion dropped.

Yeah, I feel that one.  Like Kirithi Kodachi, I logged in expecting to find that I had level V mastery on at least a couple of ships, outside of shuttles.  Or at least a few ships at IV.  But no, for combat ships my highest rating is level III.  Even on my beloved Drake, which I would likely tell you in an off-hand way that I have max skills for, comes in at level III mastery.

Drake Fleet in action in Tenal

Am I just another Drake in the pack?

You see, under the new certificates system, level V mastery requires that all relevant skills be trained to level V as well.  So the fact that I do not have gravametric sensor compensation and the specialization skills for assault and heavy missiles trained up to V will keep me from the top mastery slot.  But what is really holding me back, what is keeping me at level III is my meager training in Caldari Drone Specialization.  For the Drake.  That notorious drone boat.  Deploying those kick-ass Caldari drones.

(Those last two sentences should show up dripping with sarcasm once HTML XX gets approved and implemented.)

What a waste of weeks of training time to work on some of those skills.  But unless I do, every time I see the info page for a Drake, it will give me that sardonic look and display that level III mastery badge.  “Max skills? My ass!” it will say.  It is like a gun to that OCD completionist part of my brain.

So I will have to work on that drone skill, getting it up to IV at a minimum.  At least it will apply to the mastery rating of all the Caldari ships.

As expected.  The interceptor change, making them invulnerable to warp disruption bubbles, plus the warp speed change, means we will be seeing a lot more interceptors running about.  I nearly put off my move back to Curse until after the expansion hit so I could fly out in one.  I expect this alone will lead to fleet doctrine changes.

And my mastery for all interceptors is III, just like the Drake.  Does that really tell me anything?

The great high sec customs office rampage begins!

And people are figuring out another new feature.  As these has been pegged as a source of materials for a future expansion that will allow players to build jump gates to new regions, I expect they will get a lot of focus.  Jove space of bust, baby!

The changes/upgrades to marauders in EVE has made level IV mission running fractionally easier for those already wealthy enough to have a marauder.  But they still are not invincible.  And the economy of New Eden keeps on rolling.

The new rapid heavy missile launcher module, nerfed down a bit to deliver high burst damage at the expense of a long reload time in order to keep heavy missiles (and the Caldari) down, is getting a workout.  As originally proposed, they looked like a game changer, an organ grinder battleship module spewing out heavy missiles at a hellish rate.  They were too much of a “good” thing I will admit, but I still endorse anything that validates my heavy investment in missile skills.

And then the deployable structures.  In the long run I expect scanning these down and blowing them up will become a new sport.  An out in null sec, the mobile siphons will likely become more of a focus.  In the short term, nothing I do warrants my looking into them.

Anyway, for those wondering what I am talking about, CCP has a page up dedicated to the Rubicon expansion and all of its features.  I hope to actually get stuck into some of this over the weekend.  The first thing I will probably get up close and personal with is the changes to the fleet interface.  We’re deployed to fight and all that, and fleet ops seem to go up every time I walk away from my computer.  Given how awkward it has been in the past, I am looking forward to seeing what changed, though given CCP’s sometimes odd sensibilities, I won’t be surprised if I hate some aspect of it right away.

Always something fresh to bitch about.