20 Years of TorilMUD

Lord Piergeiron is looking for brave adventurers to fight off the trolls!
If you can help, form a group and head south.

-Town Crier, Waterdeep

I was shuffling through old posts, as I do every month to pull together the one and five years ago bits for the monthly review post, when I discovered that I wrote that post about playing TorilMUD for 15 years about five years ago… which means that I’ve hit the… wait… eighteen, nineteen… the twenty year mark since I first I first blundered into Leuthilspar and got hung up at the fence leading to Kobold Village.

It barely seems possible that I was playing TorilMUD so long ago.  And the town crier has been shouting the same thing every few minutes for just about the whole time.  Granted, there was a gap of a couple years in there when the game was down at various stages, but it always managed to return.


Still, I started playing TorilMUD a long while back.  Twenty years ago was the era when the Intel 486 was king and the new Pentium (not 586 as so many expected) was the new kid on the block.  Apple’s incredibly popular PowerBook laptops were just introducing a model (180c) with an 8-bit  active matrix color screen that was actually usable. (Don’t get me started on the 165c.)  At work I was just starting off on project that would end up with a five month long crunch cycle, during which NBA Jams would be our lifeline to sanity.  I was playing Civilization I am sure and was running a BBS, which in a way was the spiritual successor to this blog.

You grab Piergeiron Paladinstar, Servant of Tyr in a headlock, and give him a furious noogie.

I think I may have beaten the back story of myself and TorilMUD to death at this point.  I have written up posts about the history, the stories, and the influence of the game in the past.  Here are a few of my favorites:

There are more posts under the TorilMUD category, though that includes posts where it is referenced, but where memories of the game perhaps not the main topic of discussion.

More amazing still is that, not only is TorilMUD still there, but that it continues to be a work in progress.  Bug fixes, new zones, a web client, and a conversion to a system more akin to the current Dungeons & Dragons combat model continue on.  The whole thing reflected D&D 2.0 rules back when I started. The help file for THAC0 is still there.

THAC0 is an acronym for “To Hit Armor Class 0.” THAC0 is a number every player and monster has, and it is dependent on level and class. It is ranged between 0 and 20. THAC0 is the method that the MUD code uses to determine whether or not you have successfully “hit” an opponent while in battle. It is calculated for everyone fighting, for each and every combat round. For THAC0’s, the lower the number you have, the better success you will have at hitting.

For Example: let’s say your THAC0 is 10, meaning you have to roll between 10 and 20 on a 20-sided die in order to hit an enemy with an armor class of 0. If you are fighting a monster with an armor class of 1, then you need to roll between 11 and 20 to hit that mob. If the mob’s armor class is 8, you only need to roll between 2 and 20 in order to hit that monster. You can affect your THAC0 by using magical items that give a positive hitroll bonus. This bonus will enhance your THAC0 and therefore your ability to hit a monster.

The help entry for AC (Armor Class) further explains how this hit/miss system works. See also: AC

I don’t think it still applies, but it did at one time.  A bit of history in the help files.

And, most important of all, people still play TorilMUD.

It isn’t the 100+ people we used to have on at once back in the day.  But when I log in now and again to see what has changed, I always see between 15 and 30 people online.  Enough to form up a group generally and go raid a zone now and again.  As with any game based on progression via levels, almost everybody on these days is at or close to the level cap of 50.  Occasionally I see somebody in their 20s or 30s.  And sometimes it isn’t even an alt of a player that already has a few level 50s.

I poke my nose back in every so often.  I still see people I remember.  And time continues its relentless march forward.

Anyway, just to archive something away for a later date, after the cut you will find the credits output for TorilMUD.  The bulk of the credits is a list of zones in the game, their level range, and the creator.  That will give you a little insight into how vast the world is that has been created over more than 20 years.  I started playing 20 years back, but the work started before I ever showed up.

Sure, the “world stat” command will give you the summary:

Total number of zones in world: 348
Total number of rooms in world: 65985
Total number of different mobiles: 19975
Total number of living mobiles: 46001

Total number of different objects: 19000
Total number of existing objects: 98257

Those are some big numbers.  They have added something like 4,000 rooms and 29 zones since I last posted that output back in 2009.  But actually scrolling through the list is more impressive.

More information can be found at TorilMUD.com.

And on to the long list of credits.  The credits refer to the zone list being color coded.  The colors did not come through with my copy, and I wasn’t about to go color every line by hand.  So you’ll just have to use the level ranges listed as your guide.


Toril Disclaimer of Intent

Toril is a text based Forgotten Realms (r) computer generated campaign setting. It does not, in any way, shape or form, intend to take away from TSR (c) revenue. All players and staff of Toril are encouraged to purchase TSR (c) materials that relate to Forgotten Realms (r) (and Toril) and apply these materials to their interaction (character role playing) and area building. Toril is not in any way shape or form a “for profit” organization nor does it claim “charity status”. Toril does not accept donations, or gifts of any kind, nor is it a “pay to play” MUD. Toril was created by the Owners and for the Owners as a hobby and does not intend to generate revenue of any kind for this endeavor.


In general, high level zones are listed in red, mid level zones in yellow, and newbie zones in green. The colors give a broad idea of the difficulty of the zone, whereas the level range listed is intended as a more specific guide to the level of player group (as opposed to a single character) that the zone is targeted towards.

Zones designated as “All” or “1-50” are just that, however be careful where you wander because we don’t post signs saying where 1 starts and 50 begins. :P

* = Zone is under construction or being revised/fixed (not connected)

Abandoned Monastery ————– levels 25-40 Maker: Solonor
Abandoned Temple —————– levels 1-20 Maker: Mielikki
Adamantite Mine —————— levels 1-20 Maker: Diinkarazan
Ako Village ———————- levels 1-10 Maker: Arilyn
Alabaster Caverns —————- levels 1-25 Maker: Vhaeraun
Alterian Region Mountains ——– levels 1-20 Maker: Miax
Alterian Region Wilderness ——- levels 1-20 Maker: Miax
Amenth’G’narr ——————– levels 45-50 Maker: Gargauth
Ancient Forest ——————- levels 1-50 Maker: Shiallia
Ancient Oak ———————- levels 30-50 Maker: Annam
Ancient Mines ——————– levels 30-45 Maker: Homelands Staff
Ant Farm ————————- levels 5-15 Maker: Duromin
A’Quarthus Velg’Larn ————- levels 30-40 Maker: Dugmaren
Arnd’ir ————————– levels 20-40 Maker: Shargaas
Ashgorrock, the Gargoyle City —- levels 30-45 Maker: Twinshadow
Ashstone Perimeter ————— levels 1-50 Maker: RP-Quest Staff
Ashstone Trail ——————- levels ALL Maker: Cyric
Bandit Hideout ——————- levels 15-35 Maker: Lazaron
Baphomet, Temple of ————– levels 40-50 Maker: Annam
Barbarian Encampment ————- levels 30-50 Maker: Velsharoon
Basin Wastes ——————— levels 20-40 Maker: Shadowy
Blackwood ———————— levels 15-25 Maker: The Areas Staff
Blood Bayou ———————- levels 40-50 Maker: Shargaas
Brain Stem Tunnel —————- levels 20-40 Maker: Diinkarazan
Bryn Shander ——————— levels 1-50 Maker: Marthammor
Calimshan Beach —————— levels 1-10 Maker: Ilsensine
Calimshan Desert —————– levels 1-30 Maker: Miax
Calimport Palace Vault ———– levels 45-50 Maker: Annam
Caravan Trail to Ten Towns ——- levels 10-50 Maker: Marthammor
Cave City, New ——————- levels 40-50 Maker: Grimtooth
Caves of Mt. Skelenak – upper —- levels 5-15 Maker: Miax
Caves of Mt. Skelenak – lower —- levels 20-40 Maker: Miax
Choking Palace ——————- levels 45-50 Maker: Dugmaren
Citadel ————————– levels 25-40 Maker: Shadowy
City of Brass (Effreeti) ——— levels 35-40 Maker: Cython
Cloud Realms of Arlurrium ——– levels 40-50 Maker: Bombadil
Comarian Mines ——————- levels 5-50 Maker: Koleszar
Conquered Village —————- levels 20-40 Maker: Erevan
Crystal Caverns —————— levels 40-50 Maker: Vhaeraun/Waukeen
Curse of Newhaven —————- levels 25-40 Maker: Drevarr/Vanfaeria
Cursed Cemetery, The ————- levels 20-35 Maker: Kelemvor
Cursed City of West Falls ——– levels 15-35 Maker: Duromin
Dark Forest ———————- levels 1-15 Maker: Solonor D
ark Dominion ——————– levels 1-20 Maker: Vhaeraun
Darkhold Castle —————— levels 20-50 Maker: Ilsensine
Darklake ————————- levels 15-50 Maker: Vhaeraun
Darktree ————————- levels 35-50 Maker: Annam
Deep Jungle (Tarrasque) ———- levels 5-20 Maker: Legend
Deep Within the Toadsquat Mtns — levels 1-4 Maker: Cyric
Defense of Longhollow ———— levels 10-25 Maker: Drevarr/Vanfaeria
DemiPlane of Artimus Nevarlith — levels 40-50 Maker: Torm
Derro Pit ———————— levels 50 ONLY! Maker: Annam
Doodajipple’s Workshop ———– levels 25-35 Maker: Shargaas
Dread Mist ———————– levels 1-50 Maker: Silvanus
Drider Cavern ——————– levels 40-50 Maker: Vhaeraun
Dragonsfall Forest ————— levels 5-20 Maker: Fleven
Dragonspear Castle ————— levels 50 ONLY! Maker: Waukeen
Dragonspine Mountains ———— levels ALL Maker: Vaprak/Gruumsh
Druid’s Sanctuary —————- levels 30+ Maker: Mielikki
Drulak ————————— levels 25-50 Maker: Bjorte/Erevan
Dusk Road ———————— levels 1-50 Maker: Ilsensine
Dwarven Mining Settlement ——– levels 30+ Maker: Dakirn
East Way ————————- levels 1-50 Maker: Marthammor
Elder Anthology —————— levels 1-10 Maker: Solonor et al
Elder Forest ——————— levels 10-22 Maker: Solonor
Elemental Glades —————– levels 20-30 Maker: Shadowy
Elg’cahl Niar ——————– levels 20-40 Maker: Kelemvor
Elven Settlement —————– levels 1-50 Maker: Sehanine
Evermeet Roads ——————- levels 1-50 Maker: Shiallia
Evermeet Bay ——————— levels 1-45 Maker: Silvanus
Evermoors ———————— levels 25-45 Maker: Cyric
Evermoor Way ——————— levels ALL Maker: Vaprak
Faang City Vault —————– levels ALL Maker: Annam
Faerie Realms ——————– levels 1-50 Maker: Xeade
Fire Giant Lair —————— levels 40-50 Maker: Bruth/Gruumsh
Fire Giant’s Village ————- levels 10-40 Maker: Ilsensine
Fog Enshrouded Woods ————- levels 15-40 Maker: Zarland
Forest of Mir ——————– levels 1-30 Maker: Shevarash
Fortress of the Dragon Cult —— levels 45-50 Maker: Vhaeraun/Bane/Gruumsh
Ghore Palace Vault ————— levels 35-45 Maker: Annam
Golem Forge ———————- levels 45-50 Maker: Segojan Earthcaller
Great Plains Road —————- levels 10-30 Maker: Miax
Greycloak Hills —————— levels 20-50 Maker: Talos
Grids: Arctic XP Grids 1-3 ——- levels 10-50 Maker: Cyric et al
Grids: Desert XP Grids 1-2 ——- levels 10-50 Maker: Cyric et al
Grids: Forest XP Grids 1-12 —— levels 10-50 Maker: Cyric et al
Grids: Hills XP Grids 1-8 ——– levels 10-50 Maker: Cyric et al
Grids: Jungle XP Grids 1-2 ——- levels 10-50 Maker: Cyric et al
Grids: UD XP Grids 1-3 ———– levels 10-50 Maker: Cyric et al
Halruaan Airship —————– levels 15-50 Maker: Savras
Havenport ———————— levels 25-50 Maker: Shevarash
Headquarters of the Twisted Rune – levels 45-50 Maker: Callarduran
Hidden Mines ——————— levels 35-40 Maker: Bruth
Hive of the Manscorpions ——— levels 40-50 Maker: Ilsirca/Torm
Hulburg ————————– levels 20-50 Maker: Shaundakul
Ice Crag Castle —————— levels 20-50 Maker: Tempus
Ice Crag Castle 2 —————- levels 45-50 Maker: Tempus
Ice Prison ———————– levels 40-50 Maker: Cyric
Illithid Enclave —————– levels 20-50 Maker: Vaprak
Ixarkon Prison ——————- levels 50 Maker: Silvanus
Izan’s Floating Fortress ——— levels 46-50 Maker: Koleszar
Jotunheim ———————— levels 40-50 Maker: Talos
Jungle Village of the Batiri —– levels 10-30 Maker: Cyric
Jungles of Ssrynss ————— levels 15-30 Maker: Velsharoon
Keep of Finn McCumhail ———– levels 45-50 Maker: Verenestra
Keprum Vhai’Rhel —————– levels 40-50 Maker: Dugmaren
Klauthen Vale ——————– levels 40-50 Maker: Callarduran
Kobold Caves ——————— levels 20-30 Maker: Bruth
Kobold Village ——————- levels 1-30 Maker: Xeade
Labyrinth, The ——————- levels 35-50 Maker: Vaprak/Ghaunadaur/Gruumsh
Labyrinth of No Return ———– levels 30-50 Maker: Fenris
Lair of the Deep Dragon ———- levels 25-50 Maker: Kereth
Lake Skeldrach ——————- levels 1-10 Maker: Allenbri
Lava Tubes ———————– levels 10-20 Maker: Dbra
Lost Library of the Seer Kings — levels 40-50 Maker: Torm
Lost Treasure of Zaor ———— levels 45-50 Maker: Cyric
Lizard Marsh ——————— levels 41-50 Maker: Vhaeraun
Lost Pyramid ——————— levels 35-45 Maker: Gorm
Lost Swamps of Meilech ———– levels 35-50 Maker: Kelemvor
Lurkwood ————————- levels 1-50 Maker: Uthgar
Luskan Outpost ——————- levels 45+ Maker: Gargauth
Llyrath Forest, The ————– levels 1-50 Maker: Drevarr/Vanfaeria
Marching Mountains ————— levels 1-10 Maker: Ilsensine
Menden on the Deep ————— levels 1-20 Maker: Fleven
Minotaur Outpost —————– levels 20-40 Maker: Shaundakul
Misty Woods ———————- levels 15-35 Maker: Rylar
Mithril Hall Palace ————– levels ALL Maker: Vhaeraun/Gruumsh
Moonshae Islands —————– levels 20-50 Maker: Barnone/Drevarr/Vanfaeria
Mosswood Village —————– levels 1-20 Maker: Shaundakul/Cyric
Muspelheim ———————– levels 40-50 Maker: Dugmaren
Myrloch Vale ——————— levels 40-50 Maker: Barnone
Myth Drannor ——————— levels 45-50 Maker: Kereth/Erevan
Myth Unnohyr ——————— levels 20-40 Maker: Diinkarazan
Necromancer’s Laboratory ——— levels 15-35 Maker: Merrshaulk
Newbie Tutorial —————— levels 1-4 Maker: Brandobaris/Shargaas
Newbie Zonelets —————— levels 1-20 Maker: Solonor
Nhavan Island ——————– levels 15-30 Maker: Drevarr/Vanfaeria
Neshkal, The Dragon Trail ——– levels 1-50 Maker: Shargaas
Neverwinter Woods —————- levels 15-30 Maker: Ilneval
Nightwood ———————— levels 1-50 Maker: Rp-Quest Staff
Nine Hells – Avernus ————- levels 35-50 Maker: Kiaransalee
Nine Hells – Bronze Citadel —— levels 50 ONLY! Maker: Kiaransalee
Nizari ————————— levels 20-40 Maker: Shadowy
North Moonsea Trail ————– levels 20-40 Maker: Shaundakul
Northern High Road ————— levels 1-35 Maker: Zarland
Ogre Lair ———————— levels 30-50 Maker: Homelands Staff
Ophidian Jungle —————— levels 15-30 Maker: Torm Orcish
Hall of Plunder ———– levels 35-50 Maker: Clangeddin
Palace of the Sultan ————- levels 35-45 Maker: Cython
Pharr Valley ——————— levels 1-15 Maker: Shadowy
Pirate Isles ——————— levels 45+ Maker: Dawn/Erevan/Savras
Pit of Souls ——————— levels 45-50 Maker: Memnor
Rainbow Curtain of Ilsensine —– levels 50 ONLY! Maker: Silvanus
Randar’s Hideout —————– levels 40-50 Maker: Ulutiu
Rat Hills ———————— levels 1-20 Maker: Shiallia
Rauvin Ride ———————- levels ALL Maker: Vaprak
Reaching Woods ——————- levels 1-50 Maker: Ilsensine
Realms Master/Silver Lady ——– levels 1-50 Maker: Miax
Ribcage: Gate Town to Baator —– levels 40-50 Maker: Torm
River Trail to Hyssk ————- levels 1-35 Maker: Merrshaulk
Roads of Cormanthor ————– levels 5-40 Maker: Duromin
Roads of the Heartland 1 & 2 —– levels 1-35 Maker: Solonor
Rogath Swamp ——————— levels 20-40 Maker: Malak
Rogue’s Lair ——————— levels 20-40 Maker: Ghaunadaur
Ruins of Yath Oloth ————– levels 30-50 Maker: Diinkarazan
Ruined Keep ———————- levels 1-30 Maker: Lathander
Rurrgr T’Ohrr ——————– levels 1-15 Maker: Diinkarazan
Scardale Sewers —————— levels 1-20 Maker: Cyric
Scorched Forest —————— levels 30-45 Maker: Ghaunadaur
Scornubel ———————— levels ALL Maker: Dennet
Sea of Swords ——————– levels 1-20 Maker: Miax
Seaweed Tribe ——————– levels 30-45 Maker: Vhaeraun
Seelie Faerie Court ————– levels 45-50 Maker: Mielikki
Serene Forest ——————– levels 1-50 Maker: Ghaunadaur
Settlestone ———————- levels 20-30 Maker: Homelands Staff
Shadow Swamp ——————— levels 20-50 Maker: Spuddog
Shaman Quest/Spirit World ——– levels 11+ Maker: Cyric
Shining Sea ———————- levels 1-20 Maker: Miax
Silverymoon ———————- levels 1-50 Maker: Verenestra
Skerttd-Gul ———————- levels 20-50 Maker: Jerthal/Ilsensine
Skullport ———————— levels 5-50 Maker: Verenestra
Soulprison of Bhaal ————– levels 46-50 Maker: Savras
Southern Forest —————— levels 25-45 Maker: Yarkul
Spiderhaunt Woods —————- levels 35-50 Maker: Altherog
Spirit Raven ——————— levels ALL Maker: Shevarash
Split Shield Village ————- levels 1-20 Maker: Aki
Stag Forest ———————- levels 1-10 Maker: Vaprak
Stump Bog ———————— levels 10-30 Maker: Vaprak
Sunken Slave City —————- levels 30-45 Maker: Bahgtru
Swift-Steel Merc. Company ——– levels 15-25 Maker: Tempus
Stronghold of Trahern Oakvale—– levels 40-50 Maker: Drevarr/Vanfaeria
Sylvan Glades ——————– levels ALL Maker: Dakirn
Talenrock (Svirfneblin) ———- levels 1-40 Maker: Talos
Talthalra Haszakkin ————– levels 1-40 Maker: Uthgar
Tarsellian Forest —————- levels 35-50 Maker: Solonor
Temple of Blipdoolpoolp ———- levels 30-50 Maker: Cyric
Temple of Dumathoin ————– levels 10-40 Maker: Dennet
Temple of Ghaunadaur ————- levels 45-50 Maker: Vaprak/Vhaeraun/Gruumsh
Temple of the Moon ————— levels 30-40 Maker: Clangeddin
Temple of Twisted Flesh ———- levels 50 Maker: Shaundakul
Thunderhead Peak —————– levels 1-30 Maker: Cyric
Tiamat’s Lair ——————– levels 50 Only! Maker: Shevarash/Shar
Tower of High Sorcery ———— levels 20-40 Maker: Prodigy
Tower of High Sorcery Two ——– levels 20-50 Maker: Miax
Tower of Kenjin, The ————- levels 50 Only! Maker: Vhaeraun/Gruumsh
Tower of the Elementalist ——– levels 45-50 Maker: Mielikki
Trader’s Road ——————– levels 1-50 Maker: Ilsensine
Trade Way ———————— levels 1-50 Maker: Shargaas
Trade Way, South —————– levels ALL Maker: Vaprak
Troll Hills ———————- levels 10-30 Maker: Miax
Troll King ———————– levels 40-50 Maker: Annam
Trollbark Forest —————– levels 30-40 Maker: Savras
New Trackless Sea —————- levels 1-20 Maker: Cyric
Tunnel of Dread —————— levels 1-30 Maker: Cyric
Undead Farm ———————- levels 1-40 Maker: Ilsensine
Underdark ———————— levels 20-50 Maker: Miax
Underdark River Ruins ———— levels All Maker: Kereth
Underdark Trade Route ———— levels 20-50 Maker: Gruumsh
Underdark Tunnels —————- levels 25-50 Maker: Ghaunadaur
Undermountain ——————– levels 10-50 Maker: Korelar
Undermountain II —————– levels 30-50 Maker: Korelar
Valley of Crushk —————– levels 10-20 Maker: Allenbri
Valley of Graydawn—————- levels 20-40 Maker: Verenestra
Veldrin Z’har ——————– levels 1-30 Maker: Cyric
Waterdeep Coast Road ————- levels 1-35 Maker: Torm
Waterdeep Sewers —————– levels 1-20 Maker: Clangeddin
Western Realms ——————- levels 10-30 Maker: Miax
Way Inn ————————– levels ALL Maker: Waukeen
Whiffle Whark and Friends ——– levels 1-50 Maker: Annam
Wilderness Roads —————– levels 1-10 Maker: Miax
Wildlands Trails —————– levels 15-35 Maker: Zarland
Wormwrithings ——————– levels 15-35 Maker: Vhaeraun
Wyllowwood ———————– levels 20-50 Maker: Verenestra


Home towns = good
Home towns = evil
Home towns = neutral

Waterdeep ———– levels All (Humans/All) Maker: Miax
Menzoberranzan —— levels ALL (Drow) Maker: Vhaeraun/Shiallia/Waukeen
Bloodtusk Keep —— levels ALL (Orcs) Maker: Drevarr/Vanfaeria
Faang ————— levels All (Ogres) Maker: Gaelan
Ghore ————— levels All (Trolls) Maker: Gaelan
Leuthilspar ——— levels All (Grey Elves) Maker: Cython
Beluir ————– levels All (Halflings) Maker: Shadowy
Mithril Hall ——– levels All (Dwarves) Maker: Grimtooth
Ashrumite Village — levels All (Gnomes) Maker: Larc
Ixarkon ————- levels All (Illithids) Maker: Talos
Gloomhaven ———- levels All (Duergar) Maker: Cyric
Zhentil Keep ——– levels ALL (Humans/All) Maker: Kereth
Calimport ———– levels ALL (Humans/All) Maker: Cyric
Baldur’s Gate ——- levels ALL (Humans/All) Maker: Shevarash
Dobluth Kyor ——– levels ALL (Drow Elves) Maker: Shevarash
Viperstongue Outpost– levels ALL (Outcasts) Maker: Shevarash
Griffon’s Nest —— levels ALL (Barbarians) Maker: Uthgar
Jungle City of Hyssk– levels ALL (Yuan-ti) Maker: Merrshaulk
Scardale ———— levels 1-20 (All) Maker: Mielikki/Shar et al


Astral Plane ——————— levels 30-40 Maker: Miax
Ethereal Plane ——————- levels 20-30 Maker: Miax
Elemental Plane of Air ———– levels 40-50 Maker: Cython
Elemental Plane of Fire ———- levels 40-50 Maker: Cython/Mielikki
Elemental Plane of Water ——— levels 30-50 Maker: Silvanus
Para-Elemental Plane of Magma —- levels 40-50 Maker: Lathander
Para-Elemental Plane of Ice —— levels 40-50 Maker: Gruumsh
Para-Elemental Plane of Smoke —- levels 40-50 Maker: Dugmaren


Help Files: Shar, Mystra, Kiaransalee, Fleven, Regnarami, Lariae
INFO/FAQ/RP Guides: Shar, Malar, Ragorn
HTML Publication: Shevarash, Cyric Character
Stories: The Players and Gods of Toril

Original Diku Creators:

Sebastian Hammer (email quinn@freja.diku.dk) Michael Seifert (email seifert@freja.diku.dk) Hans Henrik Staerfeldt (email bombman@freja.diku.dk) Tom Madsen (email noop@freja.diku.dk) Katja Nyboe (email katz@freja.diku.dk)

Sojourn Credits:

Sequent Code: Duke and friends

Copper Code: Swiftest, Dbra, Pooka, Fleven, Key, Draggon, Cracker, and others

Black Knights Code: Barlows, Myrrh

Old Sojourn Code: Pizza, Gond, Erekose, Miax, Requiem, Allenbri, Proteus, Fleven, Mookie, Pooka, Daryon, Riemann

Old Toril Code: Mystra, Gond, Lloth, Mielikki, Korelar, Diirinka, Shevarash, Daryon

Duris Code : Fafhrd, Io, Tavril, Primus, Cython, Timken, Alyx, Krov, Tasfalen

Sojourn 2 Code: Shevarash, Miax, Diinkarazan, Altherog, Ilsensinse

Sojourn 3 Code: Shevarash, Miax, Diinkarazan, Altherog, Uthgar, Kiaransalee, Gargauth, Iyachtu Xvim, Azuth, Mielikki, Eilistraee, Merrshaulk

Toril 2 Code : Shevarash, Eilistraee, Mielikki, Iyachtu, Sseth

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  1. Zjivago

    Amazing it is still being maintaned. Tried it out not long ago, bitter sweet memories. Did bring me back to the feeling I once had for a moment, but I doubt there is any going back really, for me atleast.
    In general I do notice I am being more and more into retro gaming, a sign of age no doubt ;) .


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