Quote of the Day – Who is Hardcore Anyway?

I think there is an antagonism from the hard core towards the casual…

-Jeff Cannata, NPR Story Hard-Core And Casual Gamers Play In Different Worlds

With the release of the PlayStation 4 and the XBox One, video games were in the news and NPR was out trying to define what a hardcore gamer really is.

Like any such query in the mainstream media, they seem satisfied with a rather simple  view.  They only have so much time, so they focus on hardcore console gamers.  The reality is much broader.  We know that.  But everybody close to a given subject sighs at generalizations about it that gloss over the texture and finer details.  We’re used to it now, aren’t we?

In the end though they do boil down to at least one idea we see over and over, the fervent hardcore belief that, whatever their favorite gaming segment, it is “being dumbed down, being simplified to bring in a wider audience.”

Cue the parade of a thousand blog posts gone by and the endless argument over accessibility, improvements, and who owes what to whom.

It’s why we’re all here, right?

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Who is Hardcore Anyway?

  1. zaphod6502

    Everyone who buys more ships than me in Star Citizen is a no-life hardcore.
    Everyone who buys less ships than me in Star Citizen is a filthy casual.


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