Nostaliga Moment of the Day – Lemonade

Back when I was first allowed to poke my grubby fingers at a shiny new Apple II, this was what magnetic media primarily consisted of.

Lemonade Stand, Just 16KB

Lemonade Stand, Just 16KB

I played Lemonade Stand and other cassette capable games way back in middle school, where all young boys are pretty much grubby by definition.

That seems like a long, long time ago.

(picture spotted here)

2 thoughts on “Nostaliga Moment of the Day – Lemonade

  1. Knug

    The frustration I had when trying to load super star trek onto the TRS-80 (with the expansion interface for that extra memory) when after the 20 minute loading time – simply gave an error message.

    Gaa – tape cassette players – a memory river, for sure.

    BTW, all these years later, my father still has the custom desk that was purpose built to house the TRS-80 model 1 (with that super thick keyboard/cpu). He has a piece of wood in the keyboard aera under a static mat where his current PC keyboard sits. That desk is one solid piece of furniture.


  2. mrrx

    “That seems like a long, long time ago.”

    That’s because, it was indeed a very long time ago.

    My buddy in middle school used actual disks (!) of some type for his Apple II when I saw it. I had to be jealous and make do with my cassette tape player for the TRS-80. And his library of pirated software was immense, while I typed my programs in from magazines, and wrote a computerized version of Steve Jackson games.

    We played Choplifter and Ultima quite a bit when we weren’t setting up Avalon Hill wargames in my garage.


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