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November in Review

The Site

What to say?  WordPress.com took it upon themselves to break a few things with unannounced updates.  You’ve heard this story before.  The biggest hit was when they made a change that made all my blogroll data disappear for a few hours.  As usual, no mention of a change was made until people started to scream and no mention of a fix was made either, things just went back to the way they used to be some hours later.  The only response was from one of the volunteers on their forums who couldn’t really tell us anything, though she took it upon herself to lecture people on how useless blogrolls are when it comes to traffic.  About par for the course.  Once again I think it primarily impacted those with older themes.  There is a joke about WordPress.com telling us “You can keep your old theme if you like it” in there somewhere, I am sure.

I had a hope that maybe WordPress.com would upgrade the blogroll widget so that it would give us something like the awesome blogroll features like Blogger has… but no.  They just broke it and put it back in place with no real change to the status quo that I could detect.

On the upside, WordPress.com did roll out a new feature.  Well, sort of a new feature.  At the bottom of posts, links now appear to related posts on the blog.  They had this feature before, then it went away, and now it has returned.  And it pretty much works.  Sometimes the algorithm they are using is spot on.  Sometimes, not so much.  And once in a while, it cannot find anything related.  But you will see that at the bottom of most posts here, including this one.  Now see if you can figure out why it chose the three posts it did.

One Year Ago

We said farewell to City of Heroes.

Pong turned 40.

Star Wars: The Old Republic made their free to play transition.  Hot bars for sale.

I dipped a toe into GuildWars 2.

I was feeling in the doldrums about computer hardware.

The Register was wondering if Second Life was a failure.

SOE was on their usual autumnal roll.  The introduced Krono, their PLEX-like currency.

PlanetSide 2 went live.  I even patched up and tried it.  Pity about it becoming aim hack central.

EverQuest II Chains of Eternity went live, leading to some EQII reflection on my part.

The EverQuest expansion Rain of Fear launched, leading to one of my occasional ponderings about how long the game will go on.  Meanwhile, on the Fippy Darkpaw server, the Dragons of Norrath expansion was unlocked.  That marked the potential end of my coverage of the server as SOE seemed uninterested in promoting it or anything about it.  I was only getting updates when they went wrong.

Over in Rift we were patching up as Storm Legion went live.

The British tank tree showed up for the first time in World of Tanks.

We were running movie ops in EVE Online. while I was wondering how the Retribution expansion might change events like Burn Jita.

Time Magazine wrote up their 100 Best Video Games of All Time while Complex Gaming gave us a list of 50 with EVE Online at the top.

And I was rambling on about motivation and what makes a good story in an MMO.

Five Years Ago

We were all excited about expansions.

For EverQuest II, there was The Shadow Odyssey that showed up around the four year anniversary and which gave us the bear mount.  If you bought retail you also got the pewter bear which went on to feature in so many Tipa cartoons and my own parody thereof.

In EVE Online, the Quantum Rise expansion was available, granting those of us in New Eden certificates, among other things.

While it wasn’t out yet, Turbine was warming people up for the Mines of Moria expansion for Lord of the Rings Online.  It sounded great.  I just haven’t been there yet to confirm it.  At least I got the T-shirt… erm… the cloak.

And then there was a little thing called Wrath of the Lich King.  Yeah, that.  Sort of a big deal for some, setting sales records and all that.

The instance group did its last Outland instance (well, the last one at level) and then began poking our noses into Northrend to start the grand tour of the new expansion.

On the flip side, Warhammer Online passed from regular play rotation.

Finally, I was keeping the nostalgia ball rolling with a look back at how information used to be regarded back in the days of MUDs, a notable MUD NPC, and a hazy recollection of a GEnie game called Stellar Warrior.

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Most Viewed Posts in November

World of Warcraft dominates to page views this month.  Of course, most of my posts this month were related to WoW in one way or another, so no surprise there I guess.

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Search Terms of the Month

what to do if your pokewalker ends up in the washer machine
[We have an answer for that! But really, you can just take it apart and let it dry out.]

need for speed world is currently experiencing a high volume of players in-game. only users who have priority access will be able to login. please note that purchasing speedboost will grant enduring priority access and immediate login credentials.
[Sounds like more issues at Need for Speed World]

it is…with me
[Good to know]

wast ndies lady fathair porn
[I’m sure there is a fetish in there somewhere]

Tweet of the Month

Too true.

EVE Online

Things have ebbed and flowed in New Eden.  We had a corp day and we deployed back down to Curse in order to get in the middle of the eastern powers… both current and former… having at each other.  I managed to get into two major battles, KW-I6T and E-YJ8G, both of which ended the same way.  But it has otherwise been quiet for me.  Fleets seem to go out in my time zone just after I have gotten home from work or in the middle of dinner.  So my time has been most about skill training.

War Thunder

The hot new flavor of the month last month pretty much fell by the wayside this month.  As did everything else frankly.  I am sure I will get back to it at some point.  But the draw of another game combined with the fact that I was pretty much playing it solo let it fade into the background.

World of Warcraft

If you look at my gaming hours on Raptr for the last month, it pretty much adds up to WoW and not much else.  Enthusiasm after BlizzCon and the return of the instance group to the game has pretty much pushed the game front and center.  There is so much to do, so much to see, so many alts still to make, and there is almost always somebody online with me.  I suppose time will tell if this rush of play time will lead to burn out or not, but for now Azeroth seems to be the place for me.

Coming Up

The end of the year is nearly here.  That will mean a year in review post… the “highs and lows” thing I have done for the last few years that attempts to sum up the year in MMOs from where I sit.  Then there is the review of my yearly looking forward post.  Back in January I set some goals for the year.  I’ll have to see how I did, though I can tell you right now I pretty much failed on all fronts.  Par for the course when it comes to that post.  I think I will go back to industry predictions for next year.

Other than that, you can expect more about World of Warcraft and EVE Online and whatever else catches my eye.  And I might even get back to the book related posts.  I said I was going to wrap one of my many drafts up every Sunday until I was done with them, and then fell off the wagon after one week.  I have another one almost ready for tomorrow.  But I am not sure I like it enough to post it.

And, other than that, the usual filler and random bits of nostalgia.