Quote of the Day – He Knows ALL the Cheat Codes, But Doesn’t Need Them!

If God played video games, what do you think would be his top three games and why?

Liel Leibovitz, author of God in the Machine: Video Games as Spiritual Pursuit

That quote was from a press release that dropped into my in-box promoting the author and his availability for interviews, centered around the exploration of video games and morality.  The serious side of the press release included things like the following:

By placing players in closed environments where every action has far-reaching consequences, where the rules are all-important but, never entirely understood, and where notions of free will and reincarnation are seminal, video games have created a system of thought and feeling closely resembling religion.

That seems like meat for a serious theological discussion, arguing the spiritual benefits of video game and such.  The press release closed with what it listed as “sample questions,” though it wasn’t clear to me from the context if those were questions he was prepared to explore during an interview or questions that people might bring to the table when approaching the topic in a more general sense.  And the questions were mostly what you might expect, looking at concepts of evil, exploring the spiritual, and considering the differences between games like Pac Mac and Grand Theft Auto.

But then there was the last question, which I have quoted at the top of the post.  I don’t know how you even consider such a question, argue for any sort of legitimate answer.

That said, if pressed, I would go with Tetris being on the top three.  How about you?

Those Famous Tetrominoes

How can you not see perfection in this?

Meanwhile, Liel Leibovitz is available for interviews through his PR agency, Goldman McCormick PR.  It might be nice to see him being interviewed next time something is blamed on video games.  It won’t happen, as his views do not fit the pre-planned media narrative about video games, but it would be interesting.

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – He Knows ALL the Cheat Codes, But Doesn’t Need Them!

  1. Matt

    Jesus must be a shaman, as he can heal, resurrect others, cure, and resurrect himself. Now that I think about it, there’s no way I’m the first to come up with that joke.


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