The Long Wait for the NS2L-4 Incursion Fleet

Another moment of opportunity.  I missed a fleet call early in the evening, but happened to sit down at my computer just as a broadcast went out from Reagalan for a Harpy fleet with the hook:

This is going to be funny . . . Seriously, join this fleet, if it gets 100 dudes there’s gonna be something hilarious, Hilariously hilarious.

Hilarious works.  The time in-game happened to be 03:37 when the message went out.

I logged in and realized I didn’t have a Harpy handy.  No problem, there were a bunch up on contract, so I just bought one, jumped in it, insured it… since hilarious pretty much requires bloodshed… and sat waiting for the word to undock.  Finally, Rudazara gave the word to undock and warp to the titan that would bridge us out.  I popped out of the station with about 100 other Harpies and warped to the person indicated in fleet, only to realize, just as I entered warp, that all of the modules on this fresh Harpy were offline.  Somebody else mentioned the same thing in coms, so it was a quick U-turn for a couple of us back to the station to quickly online everything.  Then back out to the titan for a short wait until the bridge went up.

Bridge up for Harpy Fleet

Bridge up for Harpy Fleet

Things moved along and inside of 25 minutes we had formed up, bridged out, and were sitting on a gate out in Immensea waiting for the word on what was going to happen.

And we waited.  And waited.

Eventually Reagalan passed along the word that we had intel that an N3 fleet consisting of Domis, Ishtars, Onerioses, and Guardians, was running an incursion in NS2L-4 and that we were there to catch them after they finished up.

Only they were not finishing up very quickly.  The command site they were doing was taking a lot longer than anybody seemed to think it should.

Eventually we poked our nose into the system and even took the warp gate into the first area of the site to see what was going on.  Then we moved over to an adjacent system with the plan to catch them leaving when they were done… whenever that was.

We formed up on the anchor and flew around the gate waiting for something to happen.

Finally, just past the 90 minute mark since the call went out for the fleet, we moved back into range of the gate to NS2L-4 and held.  Then Rudazara gave us the word and we jumped in, interdictors heading to the hostiles to bubble them up.  We were warped to the action and started targeting the hostile logistics.  And the same time a Black Legion Zealot fleet jumped in as well and started tearing into the N3 fleet as well.  Then it was just a matter of shooting the targets as they were called.

There were, of course, issue.  The EVE-kill related kills list is a mess because we ended up shooting Black Legion and they ended up shooting at us on occasion, so the sides are completely intermingled.  I tried to clean it up using the Battle Summary Doctor. (I think I got that mostly right.  I know the big names, but I am rubbish when it comes to the smaller alliances.)  That summary shows we ended up popping more than twice as many ships as we lost… 49 killed for 20 of ours down… and that we lost some relatively inexpensive ships compared to what we killed.  I will call that a clear win.

And then it was time for a swift retreat.  We headed back to G-0Q86 via gates, avoiding any retribution (and the potential gaze of Black Legion now that our cooperative operation was over), only running into a drag bubble one just one jump out from our base, which caught a couple of people before the sole proprietor of the bubble was chased off.

In the end it was a long wait, but a fair ration of kills pays for a lot of hanging about on gates.  Most of an expensive incursion fleet killed, hilarious indeed.

And the usual share of snap shots from the battle after the cut.

3 thoughts on “The Long Wait for the NS2L-4 Incursion Fleet

  1. Gevlon

    You outnumbered them 3:1. It was a gank. However if your 220 people spent the 2 hours ganking miners, you could have killed 130-140B worth of miners.

    Compared to this result, your kills are very lacking.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Gevlon – Well, yes. If we’re going to take the complete objectivist view, then time spent elsewhere could have yielded more ISK damage in ship losses.

    But we’re at war with the N3 coalition, so for our purposes, blowing up their ships where ever we find them furthers our goals much better than blowing up random miners in high sec.

    And yes, they were out numbered 2.5 to 1, ignoring the relative power and expense of individual ships, and they were probably fit badly for a fight as well. They were busy running PvE content in the middle of null sec, in the middle of a war, within bridge range of our staging system. And they knew we were there. They could see us in local, we had a couple of people asking them to come out and fight on the incursion channel (there is always somebody who thinks that is a bright idea) and they had a scout eyeball us when we were waiting one system over.

    They could have called for help. They could have attempted to evade us. They could have just logged off and come back in a couple of hours. They chose to take us head-on at the gate. When your foe presents you an easy target, should you push it aside?

    So we tore them up, inflicting losses on our enemy and possibly making him think twice before going out to earn incursion money and LP again during the war.


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