You Know Who Else Stopped At Helm’s Deep? Ralph Bakshi

As part of the Middle-earth discussion, Potshot brought up the Ralph Bakshi animated version of Lord of the Rings, illustrating that other efforts to adapt Tolkien’s work to a new medium haven’t always made it to the end.

The Lord of the Rings!

The Lord of the Rings!

But the strange thing is where the Ralph Bakshi movie version ended.  Helm’s Deep.  Right where LOTRO has ended up.

Not that LOTRO is done or anything, but they haven’t announced where they are headed between now and the next panic point in 2017.

As an aside, here is the best review of the Ralph Bakshi movie.  I remember the feelings it describes quite well.

7 thoughts on “You Know Who Else Stopped At Helm’s Deep? Ralph Bakshi

  1. bhagpuss

    I saw Ralph Bakshi’s movie at the cinema when it was first released. I thought it was slightly disappointing but still very enjoyable. I watched it again many years later on video and found it was actually a lot better than I’d remembered it.

    I certainly have more fond memories of it than of the Peter Jackson trilogy, which I loved while I was watching it but have never had the slightest desire to see again, whereas I’d happily watch the Bakshi version on a wet Sunday afternoon.

    Of course my feelings on LOTR are very mixed to begin with. I’ve read it three times and half read it twice and sometimes I’ve loved it and sometimes I’ve found it clunky and tedious (hence the half readings).


  2. couillon

    Putting on my rose tinted glasses, I actually liked this movie, warts and all, and especially when paired against the 1977 Hobbit movie, which had wayyyy too much singing for any ‘hero’ story.


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