Google Chrome Version 32 Problems – A Work Around

A minor public service announcement.

We noticed at the office that Google Chrome version 32 broke functionality in certain controls in our web product.  After a bit of looking around, a co-worker of mine found a work-around that got us past the issue.

Find the icon to launch Chrome.  You can go with the one on your desktop or the Start menu (should you still be so blessed) or where ever.


Find this

Right-click on the icon and select “Properties” from the contextual menu.  From there, navigate to the “Compatibility” tab and check the option to “Disable visual themes.”

Chrome Properties

Chrome Properties

That solved our problems with controls for the time being.  I hope that it solves yours, should you have any.

4 thoughts on “Google Chrome Version 32 Problems – A Work Around

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Anon – Chrome v.32 broke some control types. For us, scroll bars on drop down menus stopped working, and even if you used the scroll wheel on your mouse, some items on menus couldn’t be selected. I’ve read some complaints about other controls, but that was what I observed.


  2. fabrulana

    Strange.. had a few issues with Chrome recently as well, mostly Adobe related in that sometimes things open up and sometimes they don’t. Some videos on Youtube play and others don’t. Switched to Chrome Canary and that seemed to solve the issues – so using that for now until they solve it in the current version.


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