Raptr Corrects My Perceptions – What I Played in 2013

As they did last year, Raptr sent me a nice summary of games that it tracked me playing over the past calendar year.  So I now have my gaming summary for 2013.

This is pretty much why I bother to run Raptr.  It quantifies my play time.

The report for 2012 wasn’t a big surprise.  The three games I said I was playing most of the year, Rift, EVE Online, and World of Tanks,  ended up being the top 3 in about the order I expected.  The three together represented 71% of the play time that Raptr tracked for me.


I wasn’t keen on the circle displays, but the parity between my fantasy and space faring MMO time was pretty even.

For 2013 though, I have to admit that the numbers surprised me a bit.  My guess as to how things might stack up looked something like:

  • EVE Online in the #1 spot, what with the war in Fountain and Delve along with deployments to Curse.
  • Something close to a four-way tie between Rift, World of Tanks, Lord of the Rings Online, and World of Warcraft, each of which I played for about a season in 2013, but none of which I played all year long.
  • Then maybe Neverwinter, War Thunder, and a couple other games that I played in shorter streaks trailing behind

And what did I end up with?  I will put that after the cut in order to develop some moderate level of suspense.  Plus I have a lot (more) dumb graphics in the post that really look like crap and will clutter up the front page.  Go artistic me.

The big reveal.

Instead of what I expected, I got this (rendered as percentages to make the comparison with 2012):

Top 11 for 2013

Top 11 for 2013

I was spread out a bit more in games played.  The top 71% was covered by four games in 2013 as opposed to three in 2012.  And I do like the list view better than the top three shown in circles that was in the 2012 report.

But the extent to which World of Warcraft was out in front was news to me, considering that I only came back to WoW in September.  That is a lot of play time in Azeroth.  When I say I have been binging, you have to believe me I guess.  There wasn’t even a huge gap in total hours between 2012 and 2013, just a change in where I spent them.

After that there was EVE Online, which was only 60% of the WoW number despite the big war in Fountain and things like the all day battle at 6VDT-H.

Then World of Tanks and Lord of the Rings Online follow up in a tie, so at least I guessed right on one front.

I had forgotten that there was a Civilization V expansion last year, so there was a burst of play time there, though I am not sure if single player, turned based strategy game hours map directly to MMORPG hours.  Turns can be about waiting late in the game.  And  Civ V won’t log me out if I walk away.  I think I left a game running overnight while I slept at one point.

Rift ended up way down the list.  I did ebb on Rift pretty early in Storm Legion I guess.  Need for Speed World was actually higher than I would have predicted, though I did do that whole gem hunt for a BWM thing, so that adds up.

Then there is Guild Wars 2, which I am going to guess ranks above War Thunder and Neverwinter primarily because Raptr time tracking includes the updater.  War Thunder was a short fling.  I think I wrote a post for each weekend I played it, and there are only four such posts.  Neverwinter I only played on group nights.   And that leaves Path of Exile as the last game on the list above 1%.  It died off for me as the game ramped up to the point that server load made melee classes pretty unplayable in its “always online” environment.  And, of course, I was playing a melee class.

So that is what I played last year.  The list goes on, but it is tough to make a claim that you played a game that took up 1% of your gaming time.  Sort of.

As with last year, Raptr told me which of my achievements… which really means Steam achievements in my context… was the rarest.


That came from Defense Grid, which did not even make it to the 1% mark.  It is one of those games I pull up every so often.  Oddly… or maybe not… my rare achievement from last year was also from Defense Grid.

And then there is the usual bits and pieces of the summary.  Since this is the second annual report, Raptr chose to compare 2012 and 2013 for the most played dates.

2012 vs. 2013

2012 vs. 2013

November is clearly the binge month again.  I think the Thanksgiving long weekend contributes to that.  And Saturday is the big day, which also corresponds to group night, so that is probably an easy pick.  Last year I couldn’t tell you what happened on November 17 to make that the big day for me in 2012.  Likewise, I cannot recall what happened on May 1 of 2013 to make it my most played date.

Those numbers for Raptr users overall in 2013 were:


So Saturday is the big day for everybody I guess.  December and the first Saturday after Christmas were the biggest binge play times overall.  That is actually a change from last year when it was November, November 17, and Sunday.  What was going on November 17, 2012?  I think that was the first weekend after SWTOR went free to play and when PlanetSide 2 went live.

Finally, there is the most played game on Raptr for 2013, which turns out to be exactly the same game from 2012.



I think the Raptr name loses some of its punch when written in all caps.  And I guess that says something about the year 2013 in gaming, when the game that won in 2012 wins again the next year.  Congratulations Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  Your multi-platform availability and a lackluster 2013 made you king for another year.

Looking forward into 2014, I rather suspect that World of Warcraft and EVE Online will occupy the first and second position again on my summary.  There certainly isn’t much else going on for me in games.

And given my grim outlook MMOs in 2014Landmark interests me only because it is related to EverQuest Next, WildStar doesn’t really interest me, The Elder Scrolls Online is doing its best to not interest me, EverQuest Next won’t ship in 2014, and Warlords of Draenor is just a WoW expansion… I seriously wonder what will make it into third place.  At this point, GuildWars 2 could be a contender if I just ran the updater every other week.  If I could recover my password, which Anet is determined to disallow.  Ah well.

I suppose the revamped, re-itemized, and auction house free Diablo III could see some play time.  Borderlands 2 and War Thunder seem to be popular with my EVE Online corp, and since we might be done with a war soon, I could go there.  Or maybe Star Citizen will be a thing before the end of 2014.  We shall see.

3 thoughts on “Raptr Corrects My Perceptions – What I Played in 2013

  1. zaphod6502

    For me 2014 will be the year of Star Citizen. Even though it won’t “officially” release during 2014 there will still be alpha and beta testing for modules 2, 3, and 4.

    I may possibly be interested in Warlords of Draenor if Blizzard makes a bit of effort to inject something interesting into the game. I may try Landmark once SOE switches to the unified login system for my Planetside 2 account. Landmark does appeal to my Minecraft itch.


  2. bhagpuss

    At this extremely early stage I find myself considerably more interested in Landmark than I expected. Given that almost everything I thought I’d enjoy (mobs, combat, Storybricks AI) isn’t in yet and the rest is pretty rudimentary, this has to be a very good sign.

    I have to say that there’s a chance that SOE might actually have a winner here, although we all know how adept they are at shooting themselves in the foot, knee and major organs given half a chance. By the time it hits open beta it might be really quite interesting even for people who don’t see themselves as builders.

    I’d always recommend GW2, of course. If I had Raptr-like stats for the last year and a half I imagine GW2 would be 75% of my played time, at least. It’s a very long way from perfect and it’s certainly not the game they told us it would be but it has that special sauce of being endlessly entertaining just the same.


  3. zaphod6502

    I hope ArenaNet is considering adding some form of player housing to GW2 this year. Even Blizzard is adding Garrisons to WoW in the new expansion.


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