Campaign Medals

One of the many interesting features of corporations in EVE Online… and probably not well known to people outside of the game… is the ability to create, design, and award medals to member of the corp.

I have long harangued our CEO, El Supremo, to implement some sort of honors systems for the corp.  There are all sorts of ways that you could go with this, but my focus has been on campaigns.  Ideally, anybody who actively participates in a campaign ought to get a medal for their profile.  My campaign list would look something like this:

  • Branch and Tenal Campaign 2011-12
  • Homeland Defense 2012
  • Tribute and Vale Campaign 2012
  • OTEC Operations Award 2012
  • Delve Campaign 2012
  • Homeland Defense 2013
  • Liberation of Fountain 2013
  • Delve Campaign 2013
  • Curse Deployment 2013
  • Halloween War 2013-14

In addition, in my vision of how things ought to be, there would also be awards for significant battles, such as:

Maybe not all of those would deserve an award.  You might, as an example, just make a blanket award for having been in a battle that crashed a node.

These would be something like achievements, though being given out by fellow players and only available to members of your own corporation makes them more special.  At least if nobody is abusing the system.

Medals do not get used all that often in EVE Online however.  It can be time consuming to create them, they cost a small chunk of ISK for each one awarded, and the method for tracking and awarding them is buried in the usual atrocious CCP user interface.  Seriously, you think the UI is bad, and then you try to do corporation level functions and suddenly managing your overview seems pretty logical.

So, my hope is that, at some future date, CCP will cast its collective eyes on the medals system and turn it into something a bit more usable.

In the mean time my nagging had some impact.  I did get El Supremo to create medals for participation in the battle at B-R5RB and for being on a titan kill mail.

Order of Friendship

Order of Friendship

Hero of Socialist Labor

Hero of Socialist Labor

So you can see those on my in-game profile now.

2 thoughts on “Campaign Medals

  1. Sunat Zero

    Our corp employs monthly medals for pvp and mining like the one below. It’s a great way to thank players for their involvement.
    Medal: Defiant of Shai-Hulud

    This Medal is awarded to a Miner who has acquired the most minerals in a month, for the good of the Bene Gesserit Chapterhouse.
    Selflessly and repeatedly putting life and limb on the line to gather the spice.
    The spice must flow !

    “Spice mining is the process by which the spice melange was removed from the sands of the planet Arrakis for consumption.
    The spice mining process was a labour-intensive, difficult and dangerous process.
    Spice Harvesters collected the spice from the sand dunes.
    While the harvester would collect the spice, spotters would be on the ground and in the air, scouting for wormsign.
    If wormsign was detected,
    Carryalls would then lift the harvester to safety before the sandworm can attack.
    Unfortunately, this was often, as worms would attack all rhythmic vibrations, and harvesters were heavy pieces of machinery that would generate considerable vibration.”


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