$10 Gets Your Character’s Name on the EVE Online Monument

The cut-off date for character names to make it onto the EVE Online monument thing is fast approaching.  From the original announcement:

The monument will stand atop a half meter tall metal-plated concrete platform that will have the names of all the “main characters” of all active EVE Online players etched upon it. This list of active, paying players will be captured on March 1st, 2014—no exceptions. In addition, CCP will be honoring EVE Online players who have passed away by adding their names to the monument, as described in the following section.

Fortunately, if you are on the fence about coming back to have your semi-obscene or pop-culture based character name engraved in a tiny font on something which will be placed somewhere around Reykjavik harbor, CCP has a deal for you.  For just $10 (for those who pay in US currency) you can reactivate you account for 30 days.

For you, $9.99

For you, $9.99

Clicking on that screen shot will get you nowhere.  But if you go to the EVE Online site and go to the account management section (somewhere off the EVE Universe menu at the top right) you’ll see the offer.

While there is has been some controversy about CCP spending money on such a thing… shocking, I know… I have to wonder if there isn’t really some evil genius in this.  They haven’t said how they are paying for this monument, or even who is actually paying for it.   They are essentially putting it on public land, which I bet will get them a big tax break.  And I am sure that this will lead to at least some boost in subscriptions.  Are they essentially mixing crowd funding and tax breaks to cover any costs here?

Monument, pictured in a temperate marsh

Monument, pictured in a temperate marsh

Between this and the pop in new trial accounts after the battle at B-R5RB made the news, I suspect we’ll see a press release or some other announcement about subscriptions reaching a new peak.

If only CCP can hold on to them over the long term.

4 thoughts on “$10 Gets Your Character’s Name on the EVE Online Monument

  1. Noizy

    Apparently TienCity is really pushing getting a name on the monument pretty hard, so the numbers in China will be interesting. They had already doubled from last year before this.


  2. sleepysam

    How many other games can add this revenue stream? Wouldn’t LegolasRipper want his name on a big orc in downtown Irvine? The mind boggles.


  3. mbp

    As someone who is fond of EVE but hasn’t played in a while I am struggling to motivate myself to care about this monument. I guess it might be different if my own name went on the monument but the name of an avatar who I only play occasionally isn’t a big deal for me. I can understand how it would be a big deal for someone who was more dedicated to EVE. Possibly even the highlight of a future trip to Rejkavik.


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